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Wrestlers Who Could Join Daniel Bryan's Faction

Updated on February 12, 2019
Daniel Bryan and Rowan
Daniel Bryan and Rowan | Source

Daniel Bryan at the moment is having the best run of his career as a heel environmentalist. He managed to get over a sensitive topic like 'protecting the environment' with his snobbish and realistic promos. In a perfect world, he would be a natural babyface who is trying to do his part in protecting the planet. But his condescending manner of getting his opinion across the crowd hit the right chords with the wrestling fans and made him the biggest heel from the current roster.

With Rowan by his side, he seems untouchable. WWE seems to go all in with Bryan's new character and he could hold the WWE championship for a long time, but the writers are in a conundrum as soon his promos are will become repetitive and boring because all he does now is he drills into people's mistakes. He will soon need something fresh and that could happen if he could get his own faction. He can have a cult that Bray Wyatt never got and judging by his ability in the mic, he will be brilliant at it. Let's look at three wrestlers who could join his faction in near future, looking at their position in the company.

The Good Brothers

Since Daniel Bryan is playing a coward heel's character, he would require some big guys like Rowan, who could protect him from his opponent and could make him look like a strong leader. Gallows and Anderson fit the bill perfectly as they are muscular guys who are desperately looking for a feud. Since their transfer to SmackDown last year, they have hardly been seen on TV on a regular basis. Thus, it will them an interesting storyline for them moving forward. They have experience of working in a faction before, which they can put into requisition as WWE could book them as an untouchable force in the tag team division like they tried to do with The Bludgeon Brothers last year.

The Good Brothers
The Good Brothers

Aleister Black

This might seem like an odd choice as many NXT viewers see Aleister Black like as a main-event material and would like to see him fly solo. So naturally, many fans would get hot under the collar watching him get booked as just another guy working in a faction. But, if booked properly, he could get a title shot as early as SummerSlam.

Aleister could be one of those surprise NXT call-ups after WrestleMania and would start working under Bryan for a couple of months as his loyal friend. Looking at the number of enemies Bryan makes each week, Aleister could fight his battles for him on a weekly basis to prove his loyalty.

After some months, the management can book an angle where tension can be seen rising in the group as Bryan has become a self-observed man who could go to any distance to protect his championship, which Black doesn't like. Thus, Aleister breaks away from the group and starts running after Bryan's championship and possibly winning it from him. This way, the faction would look strong after WrestleMania and Aleister Black will get the opportunity to work with the main-eventers just after his call-up.

Aleister Black
Aleister Black

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