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Wrestling Games for Kids

Updated on May 5, 2015

Which Wrestling Games?

When searching for wrestling games for kids, it's useful to highlight the different types of game available. Firstly, as many children are fascinated and engaged by video games, it's useful to highlight child-friendly wrestling video games which can be used to introduce your child to wrestling. Secondly, due to the rise in popularity of mobile devices there are now also wrestling-related apps which your child can use to enhance their love of wrestling.

WWE All Stars Gameplay

WWE All Stars

The first wrestling game I'd suggest for children is WWE All Stars. The was released in 2011 and is available for the Playstation 2, Playstation 3, PSP, Xbox 360, Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo Wii so it's likely to be available for at least one device your child has.

Now the main reason I've selected WWE All Stars is because it's extremely eye-catching and has an over-the-top arcade style of gameplay. Each colorful wrestler is extremely muscular (much more exaggerated than their real life counterparts) and is animated in a very cartoon-like fashion. This will make the game appealing to your child because each wrestler looks like a superhero. Furthermore, each wrestler can perform a special move which will often see them leap extremely high into the air and slam their opponent into the ground - leaving a colorful line of contrails in their wake.

WWE All Stars isn't a particularly difficult game to play either. A match can basically be won by simply hitting the punch button repeatedly until you've worn your opponent down enough to hit your signature maneuver. The relative lack of difficulty will encourage your child to play the game because they'll enjoy beating the computer continuously whilst also enjoying the opportunity to experiment with the different special moves each character has.

I also think it's worthwhile pointing out that the characters the children can play as are generally the characters who will appeal to youngsters.

For example, a few of the available wrestlers who will appeal to children are:

  • Masked Kane
  • Rey Mysterio
  • John Cena
  • Ultimate Warrior
  • Hulk Hogan
  • The Rock

Masked Kane, Rey Mysterio and Ultimate Warrior tend to appeal to children because they wear a form of mask. My own son often refers to these three as "superheroes" because of their appearance and the different moves they can do. Meanwhile, Hulk Hogan and John Cena are larger than life personalities who (throughout the history of wrestling) have generated huge sums of revenue in merchandise sales because they appeal to children. Also, whilst The Rock may not have the cool costume or huge personality, many children will be drawn to play as The Rock simply because they've seen him in different movies and will be curious to learn about his time as a wrestler.

Finally, a great aspect of this game is the Fantasy Warfare matches which are held between a current generation wrestler and an older generation wrestler. Whenever a Fantasy Warfare match is selected, the player will watch a video introducing both wrestlers and showing highlights from their respective careers. This is a great tool to help develop a child's interest in wrestling because it educates them about the history of the wrestlers whilst also showing them clips of the show itself.

Out of all the wrestling games for kids, WWE All Stars may be the most fun to play and, with it's over the top look and feel, I think it's an excellent child-friendly video game which children of all ages can enjoy.

Legends of Wrestlemania

Another excellent computer game is Legends of Wrestlemania as it will appeal to children in many different ways.

Firstly, Legends of Wrestlemania is predominately based around wrestlers who worked for the WWE during the 1980s. The characters during this decade were often colorful, larger than life superstars with gimmicky costumes and names, such as Jake the Snake and Sgt. Slaughter, and they've truly been brought to life in this game. As with WWE All Stars, Hulk Hogan and Ultimate Warrior are also present in the game, as well as a host of other extremely popular past-WWE superstars.

One of the many reasons I believe this is one of the best wrestling games for kids is because of the abundance of colorful characters. This decade of wrestling was extremely successful for WWE because of the child-friendly characters who could attract the youthful crowd and those characters can have the same effect on the children of today.

The gameplay is also very appealing to children as a lot of situations (especially when performing a finishing move) require the player to complete a quick-time event. These events aren't particularly challenging so your child will be able to perform all of their favorite moves with a relative ease.

Interestingly, I feel this game will also appeal to children because of their parents will most likely be invested in the game. The game is based around wrestlers who were active over 30 years ago and will be very familiar to any older wrestling fans. If a parent is able to talk about the wrestlers and the storylines they were featured in, then their children will be more likely to become engaged in the game as well.

All in all, Legends of Wrestlemania is a big, colorful game with a wonderful array of characters that your children will become invested in and enjoy playing as.

No Mercy and Wrestlemania 2000

I'm including these two classic games as honorable mentions and grouping them together because of their similarities. Whilst older wrestling games may be either too brutal and adult orientated (ECW Hardcore Revolution) or simply too challenging for a child (WWF Attitude,) No Mercy and Wrestlemania 64 find a nice balance which makes the games more accessible to children.

Now both games boast a roster full of popular superstars, such as The Rock, Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Undertaker and Triple H, that are still recognizable today. However, the gameplay is what is truly important and both of these games deliver an outstanding and fun video game experience. Children will enjoy how easy it is to control the characters and how simple it is to act out a wide variety of wrestling moves on their opponent - both games are truly engaging for a player and No Mercy is often considered to be the best ever wrestling game.

The reason I cannot completely recommend them though is because of the outdated graphics. Whilst this is not an issue for an older gamer such as myself, many children are used to playing video games with exceptional graphics and as such may not particularly find the outdated graphics too appealing. Furthermore, as both games were released over a decade ago, there is a distinct lack of modern wrestlers such as John Cena and Randy Orton who children may be more familiar with from television.

WWE Crush Hour Gameplay

The Graphics aren't too Outdated
The Graphics aren't too Outdated

WWE Crush Hour

WWE Crush Hour is an excellent wrestling game for children as its primary target audience is children. Much like Mario Kart, Crush Hour is a racing game in which the player can use various items and powers to overtake the competition and win the race. Each racer has their own weapon and special move but can pick up extra objects during the race and with over 30 characters to choose from there is great replayability for your child as they experiment with each character.

This genre is already extremely successful and Crush Hour contains all the usual elements but also features a backstory to help engage the player further. The game was released in 2003 and thus features wrestlers from that year so popular superstars such as The Rock are still present in the game. Whilst it was released in 2003, the graphics aren't particularly outdated and won't deter children from playing the game.

The Unique Style Makes WWE Immortals a Great Wrestling Game for Kids

WWE Immortals

So WWE Immortals isn't exactly a wrestling game, it's more akin to a Mortal Kombat style fighting game featuring WWE wrestlers, but this is why it's a great game to introduce your children too. I would personally recommend introducing it to older children as it can be a bit graphic but as a vehicle to get children interested in wrestling it's almost unmatched.

There are two primary reasons I consider WWE Immortals to be such an excellent game to introduce your children to; how it's played and the style of game.

Firstly, WWE Immortals is a downloadable game which can be played on different handheld devices such as an iPad or iPhone. This makes the game an ideal option for children because they can play it almost anywhere at any time. If we're being honest, it's important to recognize that the majority of children today have access to a mobile phone or tablet and enjoy playing games on their devices. Candy Crush is a hugely popular game among the younger generation because it's simplistic and can be played outside the house. WWE Immortals taps into this current trend and offers a simplistic but addictive game which children will enjoy.

Secondly, the style of play is quite unique as each WWE wrestler is given a different persona. These new persona's are often an exaggerated version of the character they play on television; for example, Kane becomes The Demon whilst Sheamus becomes the Ancient Druid. These characters are interesting and appealing to children because of their almost cartoonish nature and each character has their own power which helps to enhance their almost supernatural aura.

This is an excellent game to use when introducing children to wrestling because they'll find the characters appealing and will want to see them on television. If your child is already interested in wrestling, then WWE Immortals is a great game to entertain them during a long drive or other times where boredom may become an issue.

WWE SuperCard Trading Game

WWE SuperCard

One of the more modern games featured in this article is WWE SuperCards which is a downloadable game and is available on iOS and Android. It is a card trading game and has similarities to Top Trumps as players compete with each other using their respective cards to win a battle.

As with WWE Immortals, WWE SuperCard is a great game to introduce your children to because it can be played anytime and anywhere. The game has been well received by critics (Metacritic rating of 85) and is considered to be an addictive game which can quickly engage a player as it is generally easy to follow.

I think this would be an excellent game to show your children because card trading games have been popular with children for many years. Pokémon was an extremely popular trading card game which generated huge sums of money from merchandise sales to children and WWE SuperCard will entertain your child. Furthermore, as the player begins to understand who the wrestlers are and becomes more curious about their real-life counterparts, they'll be more inclined to watch wrestling on television which will allow you to introduce them to the sport.

There are four different game modes to choose from and a wide variety of different card types so your children will be engrossed in the game as they try all the variations and aim to collect better cards to help them win their matches. As it can be played anywhere and is an engaging game for children I would recommend it as one of the best wrestling games for kids.

Which Game is Right for Your Child?

WWE All Stars
Xbox 360, PS3, PS2, PSP, Nintendo Wii
5 Years+
WWE Legends of Wrestlemania
Xbox 360, PS3
7 Years+
No Mercy/Wrestlemania 200
Nintendo 64
7 Years+
WWE Crush Hour
Nintendo GameCube, PS2
5 Years+
WWE Immortals
iOS, Android
10 Years+
WWE SuperCard
iOs, Android
10 Years+
I've based the general Age criteria on how difficult I consider the game to be and at what age I think a child could realistically access the game.

Summarizing Your Options

Whether your child is interested in wrestling or you're hoping to introduce them to it, any of these wrestling games for kids will help to engage them with the sport. Every game can be picked up for a reasonable price either online or in a local computer game shop and will provide your child with a lot of entertainment.


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