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Wrestling and BJJ - Motion, Weaves and Shots.

Updated on July 5, 2015

These 3 Videos about Weaves, Fakes, and Shots will Have you Taking people down in No Time!

For Beginners - Wall Fakes

A Few Keys to Success

- Keep good stance as you take your fake step.
- Keep elbows in and close to your ribs
- Progressively increase your speed as you learn and pick up the proper form.

This drill also works well with a post or with a Partner to switch off with.

Weaves - The Set-up for Your Shot!

A Few Keys to Success

- Keep a good low stance before you start your weaves

- Take a step to the outside after your weave to get an angle

- Start slow and practice your timing on your opponents reach

P.S. Weaves depend highly on timing your opponents reach and quickly dropping into your stance as you weave.

Putting it Together - Fake, Weave, and Shot Warm-up

A Few Keys to Success

- Progressively increase your speed to develop better shots and more effective Weaves

- Make sure to level change off of your Weaves to help load your feet and drive through your opponent

- Toes Knee and chest should line up as I make contact with the poll or wall.

Good warm up drill to practice for your Shots, Fakes, Weaves, and Ankle Picks.

Drillers Make Killers - Monthly Drill Chart

Fakes, Weaves, and Shots
Month of:
5 minute sets
Week 1
Week 2
Week 3
Week 4

This simple chart will help you track the time you have put into your takedowns. Try and pick a few days a week to get to the gym early and knock out a few sets. Your progress will depend upon your consistency, and your ability to pace yourself and not burn out.

If you want more Takedown Techniques check out my channel (click the source link below the picture)

Full of jiu-jitsu and wrestling!
Full of jiu-jitsu and wrestling! | Source


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    • profile image

      Rae Mitchell 2 years ago

      Well put. That is what a meaningful drill should provide us with, right? Thanks, Otto!

    • ottomatic profile image

      ottomatic 2 years ago

      Thanks Rae! I like to think I can work the stamina and technique together at an equal rate. I like that you can increase the speed according to how you well you get the motion down.

    • profile image

      Rae Mitchell 2 years ago

      Thanks, otto. Good work as always! This is something that resonates with me right now in my training as I am appreciating more and more that drilling and conditioning are what truly authenticate great technique and its supporting stamina. Providing us with greater depth and integrity in our game.

      Gotta keep drilling. Challenging and changing :)