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CHAMBERLAIN GOES BACK TO THE DELF -- History of the NBA Finals Part 16

Updated on March 9, 2010

San Francisco had managed to make a huge breakthrough with the stocks of the clients who were not long last.

Now the fans of Philly could be sold into thinking they were ingrates.

They had watched this team go right to the Finals, just like Modell, Adams, Frontiere. 

And now San Francisco would be sold on the Warriors.

Oh so they thought.

For this scheme would Bill Russell was defending it...blocked. 

San Francisco had recieved some strange pamphlets from a guy who referred to himself as Mr. X.

Nobody knows who the guy is, but his message would spread all around the Bay Area, and finally end up catching the notice of sports reporter for the San Francisco Chronicle...WHILE OPENING THE DOOR ONE MORNING TO GET HIS MAIL. 

It was the theory that I mentioned...wrapped up in a tiny bow, long before anybody had ever used it.

And at the end of this myth was the thing that set everybody off -- Chamberlain will be gone by the end of the year.

As soon as we think they're going to be in the Finals every year.

The myth becomes the new "there are naked ladies in Aladdin's smoke" or something.

And for this would boycott Alameda LONG BEFORE THE SEASON WAS OVER.

People were there for the Finals of course, but clearly San Francisco was willing to invest some time to watch a championship of their own city's sports teams.

What they weren't willing to do...was invest love in the 82-game schedule.

Sports fans go to these things and do alot more then watch.

They think.

They think...if something's going to be gone soon, why care now?

Thus giving the Warriors an excuse to sell Chamberlain!

They do...for lots of cash and five scrubs.

Back to Philadelphia, where Wilt is now a 76er.

The Warriors will go right to the bottom, 17 wins. 


After winning their seventh title in 1964, Jim Loscutoff and Frank Ramsey would retire.

Celtics founder Walter Brown dies.

Auerbach gets a whole bunch of administrative control.

Wanna know what happens?

The Celtics have their best regular season to date.

62 wins in an 80 game regular season.

This curdling out of the solids...left the milk nice and fluidic for Havlicek, Heinsohn, Russell, K.C. and Cousy and DOMINATE.

Chamberlain had only 48 wins with a great 76ers team.

Los Angeles had 49.

Kerner had 45.

Doesn't it seem like Kerner is the new teacher in Fast Times at Ridgemont High? 

Yeah man...I ditched Kerner fourth period.


So the 76ers with little bad ass point guard Hal Greer leading the way with Chamberlain, smoke Cincinnati in Round 1 3-1.

Lucas and Robertson, what the fuck is their problem?

The 76ers would thus have to play Boston.

This would be a death match, as Philadelphia kept winning every second game.

Greer and Chamberlain will take the form of Derek Harper and Patrick Ewing.

They weren't the first team to also have a bunch of Oakleys and Masons, for that would be Syracuse and St. Louis.

Yet they will come closer to beating Boston with it then anybody. 

1 point they trail at the end of Game 7, five seconds remaining.

Greer...doesn't think Havlicek is paying attention.

His inbounds pass is tipped away into Sam Jones's hands. 


The Celtics fans were so fucking nervous, and it would only be the most well-known, hardly the best part...of the legacy of legacies Mr. John Hondo Havlicek.


Unfortunately for the Lakers, Baylor would be injured and the Celtics would beat them in five games.

Game 1 had been a 142-110 victory.

Game 2 and 3 had been pretty evenly fought.

But Game 4 and 5 were each Celtic routs.

Light the fireworks.

The Boston Celtics were the 1965 NBA World Champions.



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