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Sailing -Yachts in Miami and San Francisco

Updated on December 20, 2012
Sail the ocean at your leisure.
Sail the ocean at your leisure.
Enjoy, while someone else drives.
Enjoy, while someone else drives.

Enjoy Sailing

Sailing luxury yacht rentals in Miami are not difficult to find. Offices for the various Miami yacht rental are located in convenient locations around the Miami area. Knowing the best places to rent Yachts in Miami means to cruise the ocean, making stops as if you were getting out of the car, getting a pizza and driving home. Cruising can’t get any better than a beautiful seafaring Yacht that sails on command. “Drink up me ‘earties, Yo Ho.”

  1. Tropical Boat Charters call out for sailing into beautiful blue waters located in Miami, servicing the Miami, South Florida area with a gorgeous selection of fishing yachts, sports yachts and mega yachts. Located conveniently and accustomed to taking care of the boating ideas of people who luxury. Call (786) 218-3030 or contact
  1. Florida & Miami Boat Charters operates in the gorgeous Fort Lauderdale, Florida vicinity, working in the beautiful Miami and South Florida area showing customers boating pleasures. Call (786) 439-6087 or for rental information.
  1. Windridge Yacht Charters has yacht locations in Miami, Boca Raton, Ft.Lauderdale, Palm Beach and New York. Leave a message on the web and a representative will be more than happy to call with information. The location in Ft Lauderdale is 2950 N.E. 32 Ave. In Miami call (305) 993-2028. These gorgeous Yachts are available for Weddings, Anniversaries or any occasion. An on board chef is available so bring business clients without worry. Dinner cruises are available.
  1. Biscayne Lady Yacht Charters contact us at ( 800) 910-5119. We are ready help our customers have a wonderful time Yachting for any event of their choosing.

Rent theses beautiful Yachts with full crews to drive beautiful ships clear to the Caribbean. Have a great time touring the ocean with all of the amenities taken care of. Cruise, lounge and sun, the work is taken care of, simply enjoy; rent a yacht for any purpose. A surprise birthday party for a special person is great. Rent a Yacht for a week or less. The crew of each rental service is experienced and ready to sail the ocean.

Boat Tours

Ocean breezes blow across the face on a boat tour with San Francisco Sailing Company. Cruise on a fishing expedition, Whale seeking tour or a dinner cruise with one of San Francisco's premium boating companies. Yachts are available for private excursions or spend 90 minutes riding water on a San Francisco Sailing Company boat tour.

Everything to see in the city of San Francisco is near pier 39 where San Francisco Sailing Company yachts are located. See Alcatraz, the most famous prison on the planet from the comfort of a yacht; tour circles the prison on each outing. Photos are spectacular from the tour boat. Do not just drive over the Golden Gate Bridge, sail under it on a tour boat. Take sailing classes


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