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Secrets of affordable airsoft - electric airsoft pistols

Updated on May 27, 2010


This hub is about airsoft guns and equipment. These have nothing to do with real steel firearms. We advertise playing airsoft on an insured private field and have your games run by a professional airsoft organizer.

3 Critical Airsoft Mistakes!

Airsoft is an expensive sport and many people are excited about playing it. There are 3 obstacles to getting into an airsoft game that most beginners stumble upon:

  1. Airsoft gun that is too cheap! If you go for one of the truly dime-a-dozen springers, chances are it will break within a couple days and will lay around collecting dust, reminding you of the airsoft fiasco. You (or your parents) will form a very low pre-conceived notion of airsoft.
  2. Incorrect gun type or size. Face it, full size weapons are made for soldiers who went through basic training and are in excellent shape. Getting an airsoft replica that is too heavy or long for you will prevent you from having too much fun at the field. It will also make you look goofy. Pick a gun that is just the right size and weight. Steel and metal are good, but only to a point.
  3. Inability to find a field or talk the airsoft language. Airsofters generally frown upon springers, low power electric guns and electric blowback pistols. Showing up for a serious game with these toys will not earn you a great reputation, no matter how many reviews you post on youtube!

With this in mind, lets explore the wonderful world of airsoft deals!

Looks Familiar?

A lot of people think of this when they think "Airsoft"
A lot of people think of this when they think "Airsoft"

Airsoft gun bonanza

Typical airsoft meeting area
Typical airsoft meeting area

The Airsoft Experience

Starting to play airsoft is a pretty big deal.

First, you have to research a lot of the guns and familiarize yourself with the terminology associated with the game. Not being able to speak or read "airsoft" will likely confuse you and cause you to buy stuff that you don't really need.

Second, you must find a community of players within 50 miles of you. Joining a huge nationwide airsoft forum is cool, but if you end up talking about airsoft more than playing it, you will become a "chairsofter". Get on the internet or and find people willing to play with you at least monthly. If this is not the case, start a group or re-consider playing airsoft. This is the greatest money saving tip that I can give you. Having an airsoft gun that lays under your bed for months is not fun.

Third, you will actually have to go out and have your first game. This can be very intimidating, and most airsofters long forgot how it feels to venture into unfamiliar territory and play with people they never played with before. The good part is that this only lasts one or two games. After that, you will find out that the communities are pretty close and people are friendly. After all, you are sharing a common hobby!

So what does this mean? This means you have to do research before starting to play! The research starts with a purchase of an inexpensive weapon, so you can call yourself an airsofter. This is where airsoft electric pistols really shine.

Airsoft Electric Pistol (AEP)

This is the CYMA 030 Airsoft electric pistol, as it is likely to be encountered on an airsoft field
This is the CYMA 030 Airsoft electric pistol, as it is likely to be encountered on an airsoft field
AEP is above, Electric blowback is below. From the outside, the difference is hard to see
AEP is above, Electric blowback is below. From the outside, the difference is hard to see

What is an airsoft electric pistol?

There are two types of electric pistols on the market today:

-An Airsoft Electric Pistol(AEP) is a miniaturized version of a full scale Airsoft Electric Gun (AEG). This gun features a very durable construction with little moving parts. It is made of thick, non-brittle plastic and features metal internal parts. Such gun can be dropped, hit or enduring punishment in a holster without breaking. AEPs are made by CYMA, Well and Tokyo Marui.

The defining features are:

  • Rechargeable 7.2 Volt , 500 mAh battery pack that is used for power
  • Metal gearbox and barrel
  • Metal 30 round double stack magazine.
  • Non-moving slide

AEPs shoot in the 190-260 FPS range, depending on the manufacturer, having a range of up to 80 feet.
Another kind of electric pistols are the electric blowback version - the EBB. These are made of somewhat brittle plastic, depending on the manufacturer and have mostly plastic internals. This is done in order to keep the gun's price extremely low - this toy can be bought for as low as 9$!

  • EBBs are powered by 4 AAA batteries, (4.8 - 6 Volts)
  • Plastic gearbox and barrel
  • Plastic "banana", bending stick magazine
  • Slide moves when shooting (hence the name blowback).

Airsoft is played in diverse environments

Indoor airsoft CQB facility
Indoor airsoft CQB facility
Airsoft in low density urban setting
Airsoft in low density urban setting
Woodland airsoft
Woodland airsoft

Airsoft electric pistols shine in close quarters

Since both AEPs and EBBs have very limited range, your best bet of bringing them to an airsoft game is when there will be close quarters battles (CQB). Here, your gun is perfect, the engagement distances allow you to shoot effectively and the small gun's size allows for maximum mobility.

For engagements in the woodland, your best bet is to flank the opponents or use ambush tactics. "Camping" in bunkers or other heavy cover is also a good idea. Once you make enough friends at your local airsoft community, you would be able to borrow a gun and figure out what you would like to buy as your primary weapon.


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