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automatic pool controls

Updated on April 17, 2011

Automatic Pool Controls

The upkeep on a swimming pool can be time consuming and costly. Automatic swimming pool control panels can greatly simplify your life. Computer controlled panels can be programmed to turn equipment on and off when needed as well as aid in the routine cleaning and sanitation of the swimming pool.

Until recently most computerized controllers for swimming pools were costly options that only the wealthy could afford but along with everything else in this technological age automatic pool controllers are coming within reach of the average pool owner.

Why automatic pool controls?

There are any number of reasons a person might decide that automatic controllers would be beneficial on their swimming pool. One of the main reasons is to have timers to control the pump and filter. Timers can be set up to turn the pool cleaner on at certain times and even interlock features are available to ensure that the pool pump is running when the cleaner is on. On pool cleaners requiring a booster pump running the booster without the main pool pump running can result in damage to the booster pump. freeze protection is another incorporated feature on the automatic panels.

Remote controls allow one to turn different pool features off and on from any location. Some controllers can even be accessed by phone. This could be used to turn on the spa and warm it up before your arrival or even clean the pool for that unexpected get together.

There are many features available to the average pool owner today and computerized controllers can handle all of them. Pool lighting, outdoor lighting, spa heaters, solar heaters, blowers water walls and even music can all be controlled from one station. valve actuators can be added so even back washing the filter can be automatically controlled.

Automatic pool sanitation

Along with being able to operate your pool equipment, automatic controllers can even take care of the chemical needs in your swimming pool. Salt water chlorinators  and even chemical dispersers  can all be handled automatically.


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