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Barnett Penetrator Crossbow

Updated on April 22, 2016

Everything You Want In A Crossbow

If you're looking for a high quality, powerful and accurate crossbow, look no further than the Barnett Penetrator Crossbow.

Did I say powerful? This crossbow reaches speeds of around 350 feet per second.

Accurate? Well there's a nice scope and best of all, this crossbow is lightweight. That means it's easier to hold steady, and a steady bow makes for more accurate shots.

And high quality? Well safety is one indicator of quality and the Mag Riser has a great 5 to 1 safety factor.

Get yours now or keep reading for a full Barnett Penetrator crossbow review.

Barnett Penetrator Crossbow Reviews

The following are stories, opinions and reviews about a crossbow called Penetrator made by Barnett. In an attempt to be fair and balanced, it's only right that you hear about some of the not so positive reviews. They were hard to find actually.

The only negative reports available

One Penetrator owner said that he had heard a number of bad things about this crossbow as well as a friend of his having heard the same thing. They both took a chance however and purchased one. He bought his at a reputable sporting goods store for approximately $500 and neither of them has ever had one single day of trouble. Ok, that wasn't actually very negative. Let's try again.

One hunter had issues aligning his scope. He could only aim to the third crosshair down. However, he was able to install a couple of pieces of rubber on each end of the boresighter shaft. After that he taped it to the outboard end of the arrow track and was finally able to line up the location of the upcoming arrow strike. Even after his adjustments however, he wasn't able to get the top crosshair the on the laser dot at 25 yards. So he removed the scope mount and scope and after prying the rear tang of the trigger mechanism upward, he placed several flat number 10 washers between the brass nut on which the tang rests, and the tang itself. Like magic he was able to put the crosshairs dead on the dot. His ingenuity prevailed. He understands that this isn't something you should have to do on a regular basis, but that possibly the scope mount, for whatever reason, wasn't manufactured correctly. He recommends that anyone having the same problems should do the same, and they'll be good to go. I want to say that if Barnett is aware of this problem they are either doing everything in their power to correct it or have already done so. Now he loves his bow. You will to.

On the other hand....

One hunter exclaimed that immediately after purchasing the Penetrator by Barnett he fell in love with it. He said that it was extremely accurate and very fast. He too made some of his own adjustments; additions really; by mounting a Lumi scope on it and installing a cocking device. He videotapes his hunts and will show anyone willing to sit down and watch, how beautifully his Barnett Penetrator performs (in fact they're posted on the Internet). By placing his iPhone on the edge of his tree stand he's able to get excellent footage of the hunt. He's even gone so far as to purchase a camera that will mount on a hat, a tree or a bow, but has yet to use it. This guy is serious! He insists however that he will use it on his next goose hunt. The camera, for those interested, is an XTC 150 action cam. Sounds like fun. Another hunter, in response to this reviewer, also recommended a remote controlled camera for recording victories. It's a stealth cam. The fun just never stops!

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    • profile image

      Mosoma 6 years ago

      Looking great.

    • profile image

      Mosoma 6 years ago

      Looking great.