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Baseball Mascots

Updated on July 4, 2013

Baseball Mascots

Baseball is our national pastime with all of the legends like Ted Williams and current stars like Justin Verlander. However, the baseball mascots are also very catching. From Mr. Met, the first baseball mascot, to Lou Seal in San Francisco, there are 26 baseball teams with mascots. The Dodgers, Angels, Yankees, and Cubs are the only 4 teams in baseball who do not have a mascot. The mascots provide humor in the intense game of baseball by rooting for their team, running across the field (the great sausage race), or just being themselves. Out of all of the mascots, I see MR. Met and Wally the Green Monster the most, but the Phillie Phanatic is one of my favorites. Most of the mascots are funny, but some get into a lot of trouble. Baseball is our national pastime, but the mascots do help put that together (The baseball players helped out more especially because mascots were introduced in the 1960s).

Mr. Met

The First Human Form Mascot EVER

Mr. Met made an impact in baseball history; he was the first human form baseball mascot ever! 1963 was a long time ago, and the man with a baseball head, Mr. Met is now in the Mascots Hall of Fame! Based on the name, Mr. Met is the official mascot of the New York Mets and can be seen at Citi Field every time the Mets are home. Mr. Met launches Pepsi T-Shirts and roots for his team until the end. Mr. Met has also been included in many commercials. The most recent commercial is when he goes on a trip to hear every Met fan. The funniest one is when he goes to a business and the two workers clap quietly and say "Let's Go Mets!" Luckily, no one except Mr. Met hears them. Then, their boss talks and they stop.

With that, we can all agree that Mr. Met is an iconic mascot that swarms with the media. Mr. Met is a very popular mascot.

However, he was shut down by the Mets in the 1970s. Long time Mets fan Lois Kaufmann for the Mets to bring back Mr. Met. Finally in 1994, they brought back Mr. Met and his fans still came to support him.

If you go to Citi Field's museum, you will be able to see the old Mr. Met, all the way back to 1963.

Mr. Met T-Shirt Cannon Humor - Nice Hiding Spot!

Phillie Phanatic

You can't miss him!

The Phillies official mascot is Phillie Phanatic, a sight that you cannot miss. First of all, the Phanatic is the only one with a star at the back of its shirt instead of a number. Secondly, the Phanatic rides in an ATV at every home game. In 1978, the Phanatic reached Veteran's Stadium when Dennis Lehman thought of the idea that the Phillies needed a mascot similar to the Famous Chicken. The Phillies Phanatic was named for the fanatical fans of the team. The idea was thought of in 1977, but it was a great surprise for the fans when he made his debut on April 25, 1978. The purpose of the Phanatic was to attract more people to Veteran's Stadium says former vice president Bill Giles (he is now the owner). The Phillie Phanatic reached the public quickly by playing in the children's show, "Captain Noah and His Magical Ark".

The Phanatic has acted as many people in the past. For example, the Phillie Phanatic dressed up as Rocky Balboa during the 1986 opener at Veteran's Stadium.

The Phanatic has also gotten a little out of hand at times. The Phanatic mocks other teams, and it's very obvious. However, in 1988, the Phanatic stepped on a life sized dummy wearing Tommy Lasorda's uniform. For those of you who don't now, Tommy Lasorda was the Dodger's manager at the time and was a former pitcher in has career. Now, upon seeing this, Lasorda actually attacked the Phanatic at a live game, and the public eyes were horrified.

The Phillie Phanatic also has a bad reputation of being sued a lot. The most recent was in 2010 when a woman stated that the Phanatic hurt her knee in a Minor League game.

The Phanatic is a fun influence for the crowd however. Shaking its green big stomach and doing the sway/dance, the Phanatic is one of the most beloved mascots out there. The Phanatic strolls around the stadium, and its different colors make it easy to see. One thing is for sure. Last year in 2011, that Phillie Phanatic was seeing a lot of wins!

Phillies Phanatic Dances With 1st Base Umpire!

Wally the Green Monster

Wally the Green Monster is loved at Fenway Park which is now celebrating 100 years of service. Wally the Green Monster however is nowhere near 100 years. Wally the Green Monster was introduced to Boston Red Sox fans less than 20 years ago! On February 2, 1997, Wally the Green Monster was introduced on the 50th Anniversary of the Green Monster. For all of those 50 years, Wally lived his life as a recluse in the Green Monster. He was shy and kind, but on that 50th Anniversary, he showed himself to the fans. Everyone loves Wally now, but not everyone loved Wally in 1997. Kids loved him, and they got free Wally plush toys during the 1997 Opening Day. However, longtime Red Sox fans were not happy about the mascot. Eventually, Wally the Green Monster would rise above the critics and charm the hearts of every Red Sox fan.

I really like Wally the Green Monster, and it's not only because I root for the Red Sox! Wally rose above the challenges of being a new mascot for the Red Sox. Now, he is featured in every inning, has a Wally fan club, and the fact that he's in Fenway Park makes him that much better.

Wally the Green Monster Dancing with Fans

Bernie Brewer

Down He Goes On His Slide!

Bernie Brewer is the official mascot of the Milwaukee Brewers and joined the franchise in the 1973 season, when the Brewers were still a new team. Bernie Brewer was a cheerful man with a big mustache, and though it was not the main reason of the Brewer's appearance, Bernie Brewer resembled wrestler Colonel DeBeers. He roots for his Brewers with the crowd in his own personal beer chalet. When the Brewers win a game or a Brewers player like Ryan Braun (no more Prince Fielder) hits a home run, you can see Bernie Brewer slide into a beer mug to celebrate. Sadly, in 1984, the chalet was replaced with a sound tower thus ending the Brewer's career. He would no longer slide into that celebration mug engulfed with beer, and his chalet was completely destroyed. Bernie Brewer wasn't in retirement for long. Less than a decade later, fans voted for Bernie Brewer's return by a popular and high demand. A new chalet was built, and Bernie Brewer was able to slide into the beer mug after every win once again! This time however, that Beer Mug is now a home plate, so Bernie Brewer gets to touch home plate to feel the team's victory and hear the crowd cheer like crazy. Bernie Brewer gets good seats at left field, and a great view of the great sausage races! Bernie Brewer watches all Brewer games with dedication, and he just loves to go down his slide!

The Sausage Race in Milwaukee - What Bernie Brewer watches every day

Dinger the Dinosaur

Dinger the Dinosaur is the official mascot of the Colorado Rockies. You might be wondering why Dinger is a dinosaur, especially a triceratops. Well, when making Coors Field, multiple triceratops fossils were discovered at the construction site thus making him a dinosaur. Dinger is a slag term for "home run", so that is why he is called Dinger the Dinosaur. Dinger the Dinosaur roams all over the field before and after the game and occasionally strolls in the stands. Dinger has his own stories that he reenacts to kids when he is at charity events or promoting literacy to thousands of fans. Dinger the Dinosaur loves the Rockies and has been a dedicated fan since April 16, 1994, when he was born into the media life.

Lou Seal

All the way at the bay!

Lou Seal with his sunglasses is the official mascot of the San Francisco Giants and he started rooting for the Giants on July 25, 1996. Lou Seal had to replace the bad reputation of the Crusty Crab, who didn't go too well with the fans. Lou Seal (also Luigi Seal) was a success. You can easily find Lou Seal at events in the United States and especially San Francisco. Fenway Park has a lot of consecutive days of sold out tickets. Lou Seal is trying to make a name for himself by appearing in consecutive home games. So far, Lou Seal has appeared in over 1,000 games in a row, and the streak continues to this day!

D. Baxter the Bobcat (or Baxter the Bobcat)

Baxter rooted for the Diamondbacks back in 2000 and has been a part of home games ever since! Jay Bell was a Major League player for the 1998 D-Backs. However, it would be his son, Brently who named the mascot. D. Baxter the Bobcat is his full name, and D. Baxter sounds like D-Backs and that is what Brently had intended. Before Chase Field, the stadium was called Bank One Ballpark that was often called BOB. That is how D. Baxter the Bobcat got BOB in his name and bobcats are abundant in Arizona so he became D. Baxter the Bobcat.

D. Baxter the Bobcat has won over the crowd for his amazing antiques, his "fur" ball, and his charms. Baxter the Bobcat visits schools, hospitals, and other organizations in Arizona. During the 4th inning at every game, Baxter the Bobcat hangs out in a den where fans can meet him, take pictures, and get an autograph! D. Baxter the Bobcat is adored by all D-Backs fans.


On April 5, 1996, Sluggerrr became the official mascot of the Kansas City Royals. With a crown on his head, this lion really is king of the jungle! Sluggerrr has been fun to watch for many of the fans, but got sued by a man in 2010. The man behind Sluggerrr was replaced by someone else, but Slugerrr never lost his pride. In fact, he shows his fans his Twitter and Facebook Pages clearly on his home page!


Southpaw is a hippo-like mascot and is the official mascot of the Chicago White Sox! Southpaw's name refers to Chicago's South side as well as a left handed pitcher. Southpaw is available all year long for your events. The fans love Southpaw, who has been cheering for his team since he was first introduced to the White Sox faith! Southpaw like most of the mascots does have a Twitter page with a lot of followers!


Paws is the official mascot of the Detroit Tigers and has been ever since May 5, 1995 in Tiger's Stadium. He now roams around Comerica Park, his new stomping grounds. Unlike every other mascot, Paws will celebrate different holidays earlier and has different schedules as well. For example, Paws celebrates Christmas in July! On the next day, he is wearing tropical clothes. The fans love Paws and he rightfully deserves to be respected in Comerica Park.

Detroit Tigers Mascot Paws MLB 2010 Big Head Bobble
Detroit Tigers Mascot Paws MLB 2010 Big Head Bobble

Put the bobble head on your desk, make it bobble, and have a good time with the Paws Bobble Head.

MLB New Era Kansas City Royals Toddler Sluggerrr Big Mascot Hat - Royal Blue
MLB New Era Kansas City Royals Toddler Sluggerrr Big Mascot Hat - Royal Blue

Show off Sluggerrr the official mascot of the Royals right now with a hat! Be the first of your friends to own this hat now!

Arizona Diamondbacks Plush Mascot 9"
Arizona Diamondbacks Plush Mascot 9"

Hold him, play with him, and more! D. Baxter the Bobcat is now available as a plush toy that would make a good addition to your collection.


T.C. Bear

T.C. Bear is the official mascot of the Minnesota Twins. T.C. Bear was a cub back in May 3, 2000, and has been rooting for the Twins ever since. T.C. Bear was modeled after Hamm's Beer Bear, a mascot that helped to advertise Hamm's Brewery. They were one of the earliest sponsors for the Minnesota Twins, so T.C. Bear was created to please the fans and attract more to the stadium. T.C. Bear roams around the stadium visiting fans and rooting for his Twins all the way. T.C. stand for Twin Cities, and that is the reason why T.C. Bear got T.C. in his name.

Ace the Blue Jay

Ace is the official mascot of the Toronto Blue Jays. Ace does various things on the field towards the middle of the game when an inning is over. One time, he went up with a broom and cleaned up the umpires making sure there were no dirt marks. The 6 ft tall bird loves to bother the officials and players of the other team, but not in a bad way (not like the Phanatic in the 1980s). Ace loves the fans and has been a part of the Blue Jays for more than a decade of their history.


Slider, the large fuchsia colored creature is the official mascots of the Cleveland Indians. The mascot with the yellow nose and shaggy yellow eyebrows was inducted to the Mascots Hall of Fame in 2008. Slider has his charm, but other fans might remember him for the 1995 American League Championship Series. In this series, Slider tore knee ligaments when he fell 6 feet off an outfield wall. Poor Slider! The fans love Slider and Slider loves to take pictures with his loyal fans. In fact, if you searched his name into Google, you would mostly find pictures of Slider with his fans.

Which Mascot is your Favorite?

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