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Best Beach Coolers: Rolling Coolers with Big Wheels, Radios & Stereo Speakers

Updated on April 15, 2014

Beach Bum Must-Have: Best Coolers for the Beach & the Reviews That Put Them on Top

No beach trip is complete without a waterproof cooler like these--with wheels, built-in radios, speakers and other fun, vacay must-haves.

Beaches are amazing places but barreling over hot sand isn't fun and if you're like me, you've had plenty of experience in the awkward, 'beach-stuff' balancing act. And with marching kids in tow it can be quite the challenge--especially when donned in a bikini and 'flipping' flops. Indeed, that visual can be quite distressing, one that's best left out of your vacation scrapbook pics

We veteran beach-goers know this: a waterproof cooler with wheels makes trekking over treacherous sand to our spot-on-the-beach oasis a whole lot easier. Add a radio and speakers to your cooler and you're good to go for all-day fun in the sun.

Be smart. Arm yourself with the best beach cooler for your beach trip needs and scroll down to see several of the top beach coolers of all kinds. I've perused tons of reviews and I'm happy to share my findings, here--because we beach bums need to stick together like sand on a flip flop.

Image credit: The hard sided, rolling beach cooler with wheels shown here is available below.

My #1 Pick for Hard Shell Beach Cooler with Wheels, Handle & Drain Spout

Igloo Marine Breeze Ultra Roller Cooler with Accessories (White, 50-Quart)

Well, if you're looking for a cool beach cooler with a built-in fish ruler, you've got yourself a real beaut with this Breeze Ultra Roller Marine Breeze by Igloo.

Who knew?

Seriously, (if we have to be) this hard-sided cooler is wider and less deep than the earlier-version Marine Breeze Igloo cooler. I'm not a fan of deep coolers; it's annoying to have to unpack half of it to find that elusive--and you can bet-- smashed, sandwich.

It's a white cooler but the outer shell is stain resistant, which is a good thing if you have happy kids in tow who'll forget the 'drink-to-mouth' principle. Too, this cooler has UV inhibitors that protect the unit from sun damage and becoming blazing hot from the summer sun.

I like hard sided coolers for their use as a side table or seat but you'll have to be mindful of who sits on it, lest they be too heavy or too young to keep a good balance.

In all, for a not-too-big cooler with big, (wide) wheels, telescoping handle, drain spout and let's not forget: fish ruler (hey, it'll come in handy for arguments over whose sandwich is bigger), this beach cooler is a sure bet at a good price.

Large Hard-Sided Beach Cooler with Big Wheels Adjustable/Telescopic Handle by Igloo Island Breeze Maxcold 50 Quart Roller Cooler

Large Hard-Sided Beach Cooler with Big Wheels Adjustable/Telescopic Handle Igloo Ice Cube Maxcold Roller, 70-Quart

Gatorade 60 Qt Ice Chest with Wheels
Gatorade 60 Qt Ice Chest with Wheels

Here's a look at several large beach coolers with big wheels. The width of the wheels on these coolers is much wider than the small ones I review below.

First, let me say, I prefer the Igloo coolers for taking to the beach. Their telescoping handles are long enough for us taller beach-goers; plus the handles lock in place, so you won't have unruly rods with sand repositioning the handle-- where you don't want it.

Both Igloos have handy drain spouts and the top and the larger cooler can serve as a nice little table come lunchtime. The smaller Igloo has two built-in molded cup holders which is a big win for keeping drinks freer of sand (notice I said, "free-ER"). With all three coolers, you can set a 2-liter soda bottle upright.

The double-walled Gatorade cooler is a fun, orange color with large wheels, though the handle isn't quite as long as Igloo's; it extends only 10". But it's telescoping as well. The double flip lid is great; you won't have to fully open the whole cooler and the four molded cup holders are a plus-plus!

One great part about this beast, is its color. Bright colors like this will help your kids find you and your 'brella if they lose your place on the sand. It's more common than you might think and quite scary for little ones. Imagine being 'lost' among a sea of tourists, were everyone looks alike. Scary!

Always have a few unique landmarks that can be easily spotted by all in your party. Beaches get crowded--fast.

Best Rolling Beach Cooler with Wheels for Fishing by Igloo
Best Rolling Beach Cooler with Wheels for Fishing by Igloo

My #1 Pick for Best Rolling Beach Cooler for Fishing

Igloo Ice Cube Marine Ultra Roller Cooler (60 Quart White)

I'm lovin' this guy! The Igloo Ice Cube Marine Ultra Roller beach cooler is amazing for pier, boat or deep sea fishing, not to mention the upteen other beach-goers' activities.

Indeed, this smaller white cooler seems to have it all (save for the fish ruler, darn it): locking, telescopic handle, two molded drink holders--and two more can be attached outside (as shown) along with two rod holders. You'll have the same UV protected tough-as-all-get-out, hard sides that are specifically design to keep heat absorption to a minimum and ice ice a bit longer.

Wider wheels promise a smoother time of pulling or pushing the cooler to your spot of sand, pier or wherever you're going.

Small Hard-Sided Beach Cooler with Big Wheels Adjustable/Telescopic Handle Igloo Marine Breeze Roller Cooler 28-Quart, White

Small Hard-Sided Beach Cooler with Big Wheels Adjustable/Telescopic Handle 16-Qt Coleman 16-Quart Personal Wheeled Cooler

I might describe these small rolling beach coolers as 'honeymoon' models but they're good for us singletons, too. There's plenty of room for one or two beach bums while having all the features of their bigger relatives; it's just a matter of size, here.

You can expect 8-10 hours of use with an adequate amount of ice based on users reporting their experiences. I much prefer basing my purchases from real-life users versus commercial reporting. If it's just you two--or you--these cute but cool, rolling coolers are ideal for your beach trip, for sure.

Beach Camo Insulated Cooler Bag with Built in Radio/Speakers, Headphone Output & AUX IN for MP3 Players

Picnic Plus Coolaidio Blue/Silver Rolling Beach Cooler with Built-In Radio/Speakers, Telescoping Handle & Wheels

First cooler, first: The Pyle beach cooler (above left) available in blue, red and camo, is a super-cheap little guy at under $20. There's no wheels, though but I wanted to include a budget-friendlier model. I highly recommend with any beach cooler with these built-in radios and/or speakers that you do not use ice, rather, go for the ice packs, instead just to be sure you don't wind up with a soggy set. I would rate this lil' cooler's AM/FM radio with built-in speakers strictly as a novelty cooler for kids or a beach bum wanting a few softer volume tunes. Operates on 9 Volt or A/C adapter. All-in-all, here;s the simple rundown: Radio? Yes. Speakers? Yes. Cooler? Yes. Fabulous sound? A big 'ol negative.

The Picnic Plus Coolaidio is much better than its neighbor above; it's a rolling soft-sided cooler with detachable, AM/FM radio and built-in speakers. It's MP3 and CD ready with an AC/DC jack, as well. Plenty of room in the cooler with its 60-can capacity. There's a few strokes against this beach cooler, mostly due to using ice and leakage. As I mentioned above, don't use ice; use those refreezable ice packs, instead. Like any radio, you may have to move the cooler or radio about to get the best reception. Play out loud or use the headset jacks. For a rolling cooler with telescoping handle and tune capability, this fun, beach cooler with wheels is worth the lower price tag.

Don't forget to consider your party or family size as well as how long you plan to be out. A party of four can easily consume twelve, 12-oz. beverages in just a few hours, especially if adults and teens are included.

It's always important to stay hydrated, so be prepared and bring a few more drinks than you think you'll need.

This cooler-to-12-ounce-can chart is just a guideline, as some coolers may have features that might put the number of cans you'll fit in your cooler plus or minus one.

Bellino Soft-Sided Rolling Cooler with Built-In Speakers
Bellino Soft-Sided Rolling Cooler with Built-In Speakers

My #1 Pick for Best Waterproof Beach Cooler with Built-In Speakers

Soft-Sided Beach Cooler by Bellino

With a 48-can capacity, this soft-sided, rolling beach cooler with built-in speakers has a few perks worth noting: front pocket speaker jacks for an ipod, mp3 or cd player operate on 2 AA batteries, wheels for a smooth rolling time getting your brew to the beach and telescoping handle.

And the low price tag makes this cooler-than-ever cooler on wheels a perfect match if you're just looking for speakers to share your beach tunes.

While you can't expect theater sound from this guy, us beach-goers can appreciate the built-in conveniences. I'll take it!

Igloo Cool Fusion Cooler with Wheels, Handle, Built-In Radio & Speakers
Igloo Cool Fusion Cooler with Wheels, Handle, Built-In Radio & Speakers

My #1 Pick for Soft Side Cooler with Built-In Radio & Speakers

Igloo Cool Fusion Cooler with Wheels, Adjustable Handle

I'm givin' this has-it-all Cool Fusion rolling

beach cooler by Igloo with built-in radio and speakers a two thumbs up!

With this Cool Fusion, soft-sided model with hard top, you can expect its 2-speaker console with built-in radio to deliver your favorite beach tunes, aplenty. I like the telescopic handles that lock and large capacity (58 cans) and bigger wheels.

Plenty deep, you can place any 2-liter soda bottle upright (just to give you a visual on depth).

You'll have an Mp3 player option with bass, volume control, with an led power indicator in its console, making having your favorite music possible at arm's reach.

I love it!

Bellino Soft-Sided Beach Cooler with Built-In Speakers and Carry Strap
Bellino Soft-Sided Beach Cooler with Built-In Speakers and Carry Strap

Soft Sided Personal Cooler with Built-In MP3 Speakers

Available in Black, Too

Bellino's portable, carry-strap version cooler is perfect for the beach and has the same features of its wheeled, speaker-only version I featured above.

I'd say it's ideal for a sun worshipper and date spending a few to several hours on the beach.

If you're just needing an auxiliary speaker arrangement and a cooler to keep your phone, keys, ID, food and (up to 24 beverages) for one or two people tidy, this cooler's for you!

Blue Coleman Soft-Sided Beach Cooler with Wheels and Hard Liner
Blue Coleman Soft-Sided Beach Cooler with Wheels and Hard Liner

My #1 Pick for Wheeled Cooler with Soft Side with Hard Liner

4.-Star Coleman 42-Can Wheeled Soft Cooler With Hard Liner

This soft cooler with removable, hard plastic liner, adjustable telescoping handle and sturdy wheels promises to keep your valuable beverages, lunch and personal belongings safe, clean and cool for a day on the beach.

While this Coleman doesn't have a built-in radio or speakers, its no-nonsense, construct and microbial/no-mold liner add to this beach cooler's value--especially for families. The removable liner means the end to leaking and the tough bungees promise to keep overstuffed goodies inside and intact.

Approximate measurement is: 19" high x 13" wide x 11" deep.

Sturdy, leak-free and ready for on-the-go, all day beach fun.

Super Wide Wheel Wonder Wheeler Beach Cart with Silver Mist Frame and Black Fabric
Super Wide Wheel Wonder Wheeler Beach Cart with Silver Mist Frame and Black Fabric

Get from Point A to B-E-A-C-H Without 'O-U-C-H!"

Super Wide Wheel Wonder Wheeler Beach Cart

If you're headed off to the beach for an all-day extravaganza with kids, food and water noodles at your heel, you gotta have a beach trolley cart on wheels like this one, here.

I've plenty of experience trekking over dune and dock with the family: a set of twins, a lazy tween, cooler, 'brella, beach chairs, toys of every ilk and a husband at the helm--but doing little more than pointing the way. Oh, dear; his poor (remote control) finger must be exhausted!

Do yourself a BIG 'ol fave and invest in a good beach cart like this one. You can really pile it on in every conceivable contortion and surprisingly, it works!

Oh, the best part of having a beach cart to tow all your stuff? Why, it's the hike back to hotel or home, when nobody wants to (or has the energy for) carrying all that by now, with your less-than-enthused attitude, beach junk.

Keep yourself sane come sundown and get a beach cart with big wheels--balloon wheels if you can get them on your favorite model.

Your kids might even fight over who gets to push it!

Oh, joy.

Click on the beach cart image to see more.

Beach Cooler Add-On: Rubbermaid 1056-10-220 Blue Can for Cooler Pack Ice Substitute

Beach Cooler Add-On: 5 SuperChilled ThermaFreeze SILVER ICE Reusable Ice Pack Sheets / Ice Packs

Beach Cooler Add-On: Rubbermaid Blue Ice Brand Weekender Pack 7" x 1.63" x 6.75

Techni-ICE, Better than Ice or Gel Packs! Reusable, Dry Ice Replacement - Single Sheet
Techni-ICE, Better than Ice or Gel Packs! Reusable, Dry Ice Replacement - Single Sheet

Ice packs aren't anywhere near the dinosaurs of the 80s. These reusable gel sheets and packs promise to keep frozen or at the least extremely cold after many hours use. I like the ICE sheets for their ease of use, flexibility and lightweight, yet generous size.

I have some suggestions for ice packs below if you find yourself without these cooler must-haves.


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