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Updated on May 28, 2015

How You Play


Cheaters Never Win

It is not whether you win or lose, but how you play the game. Learning good sportsmanship skills is an essential part of playing any sports or competing with others. Whether it is a child's T-ball game or the world series. Integrity is the major concept involved in good sportsmanship among players. Without honesty displayed on the playing field, the game becomes an undisciplined brawl, no longer a game of fair competition. The rules must be obeyed equally among all players. This allows everyone the same opportunities for success. What is a baseball game when one team has an unfair advantage? As well as learning a respect for each other sports teams and other athletes, all benefit from abiding by the rules of the game or activity. Any sports player that does not acknowledge there are rules both in the game and in life will not succeed. Neither in sports or in their personal life, they will not go far. But they will be continuously penalized and punished for disobeying the rules. These rules have been established for one and for all. Those that refuse to practice good sportsmanship will constantly be going backward not forward. Anyone who does not play fair and by the rules can never expect to win anything.



On And Off The Field

There are rules both on and off the field for most athletes especially professional football players in America. On the field there are penalties for illegal offenses such as holding, that are imposed upon the team which breaks the rules. Although only one player committed the offense the entire team is punished and gets moved backwards the appropriate yards. And off the football field the professional football players are also held accountable for their actions. If a pro-football player committs an illegal activity this is reflected upon his football career. The professional football team that he plays for will sometimes penalize them and not allow them to continue to play for the team. For instance, the Alabama Crimson Tide football team is constantly under scrutiny in their personal lives. Because a few years ago the entire team went on an outing and solicited some ladies of the evening to come to their hotel rooms. The entire team got punished and their games were not allowed to be publically broadcast for a while. The Alabama football team received strict discipline for their actions off the field for wrong behavior. Such tough penalties that I doubt the Alabama football team will be so careless in the future. In all sports there are penalties for cheating and disobeying the rules. Not only in sports games but also in competition sports such as Nascar or Formula One races there are rules that the professional drivers must observe. If a professional Nascar driver gets a bad attitude after a disapponting race and curses or throws his cap onto the ground in an act of defiance, he will be fined lots of money. As Dale Earnhardt Sr. always said, " Don't push, Don't shove, Wait your Turn."

If You Cheat You Lose

As it has been well said, cheaters never win. And then for some losers to become bitter and spiteful and envious of those athletes that have accomplished greater achievements than they themselves were able to achieve is really a sad occurrence. These things are no less than unsportsmanlike conduct and should receive the appropriate punishment. If you played your best and practiced often, then your performance will surely reflect your abilities. So if the other team plays better than your team and wins the competition, it is your responsibility at the games end to shake hands with your opponents in a show of good sportsmanship. In the professional ice skating arena, there has been jealousy and envy that has flared it's ugly head and turned the sport into a tabloid display. You all may remember Tonya Harding's incident. She was an excellent ice skater with a bright future ahead of her. She could have accomplished far greater achievements in her career than what she chose to settle for. Rather than play the game in the correct manner and accomplish her success with honesty she lost it all for bad sportsmanship. Tonya Harding pled guilty in 1994 to conspiracy in connection with an attack against her opponent Nancy Kerrigan. The attack caused Nancy Kerrigan bodily injury and harm. As a result, Tonya Harding was stripped of her titles and banned for life from all participation in the USFSA. With this one act of wrong conduct, Tonya Harding's life crumbled and took a spiral downward to ultimate failure. She can never recover her previous status. The USFSA concluded that she displayed "a clear disregard for fairness, good sportsmanship, and ethical behavior." It was a shame to watch such a talented young woman with an exciting ice skating career ruin her life and career with envy and jealousy. She had a very promising ice skating career with all of the blessings. If someone had taught Tonya Harding good sportsmanship conduct maybe her life and career would have been different.

Rules Are For All


2014 Sochi olympics

There is a time for every good work, as athletes strive to excel in their field of expertise whether they are race car drivers or ice skaters. When all of the hard work and the pain of suffering losses, finally finds it's perfect balance then each and every athlete will rise above the rest. The 2014 winter Sochi Olympics in Russia testify to this truth. For many years the people of Russia lived in a communist society, where freedom of expression and individual liberties were restricted and suppressed. Over the past few years I have learned for myself much about the Russian people of today's world. And the democracy and the freedoms and the prosperity they are now able to enjoy. I am sure it was not an easy path for the people of Russia after the dissolution of the Soviet Union. They had to endure and overcome the dramatic experience of the collapse of the USSR, both mentally and economically. That was almost 25 years ago and I commend the Russian people on their ability to adapt and restructure their world. I think this hardship the Russian people went through will never be fully understood by the rest of the world. The Russian people have overcome huge obstacles in these past 25 years since their world had to be restructured. In Russia, there is now a democracy and a sense of dignity recovered since the days of the Soviet Union. As the 2014 winter Sochi olympics displayed to the world. The Russian people are no longer a thoughtless population kept within the confines of the communist USSR walls. On the contrary, the Russian people have quickly caught up with the standards of the world around them concerning democracy. And they have the same goals as any so-called developed nation in this universe. I wish to congratulate the Russian Federation and pay tribute to the excellence of their athletes and the most successful 2014 winter olympics in Sochi, Russia. As all of the Russian athletes hard work and dedication to their fields of disciplines were clearly evident at the Sochi olympics. The achievements of the Russian teams at the Sochi olympics and paralympics were outstanding. The success of the Russian athletes speaks loudly as a testimony to their hours of training and preparation. A job well done! And I am confident the 2018 FIFA World Cup will be yet another masterpiece of the people of Russia.

Fair and Ethical Practices

It is unfortunate that the rules of sportsmanship sometimes only apply to a few while others continue the downward plunge to self-destruction. I hope that everyone can understand that how we play the game is more important than whether we win or lose. For if we do not play fairly and accept the rules of the game it is only us that loses, no one else. The game continues for those of us that respect the game and the rules of sportsmanship. And we will not be influenced by those that continue to ignore and disrespect the rules. There are consequences when people disobey the rules of the game. Both in the field of sports and throughout our lives. So, Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works and glorify your Father in Heaven. King James Bible; Matthew 5:16.


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