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Bench Cushions - Stadium Seating is Finally Comfortable

Updated on September 20, 2014

I just got home from a high school football game and I think I just might be as sore as the players. No, I didn't run 100 yards for a touchdown. No I didn't get run over by a 300 pound lineman. No I didn't end up on the bottom of a pile of overly energetic teenagers.

What I did do was spend the entire game with sitting on the bench. The bench I'm talking about is the bleacher bench. I seem to always forget how this affects my body until I do it again. My bum, back, and neck are screaming at me right now. They are yelling at me for being so stupid as to forget how sore I get.

I did bring a blanket to sit on but only because I didn't know how cold it was going to be. It was cold but I ended up folding it over to make a bench cushion

Basic Bench Cushions

The first type of bench cushions that I'm going to write about are the traditional foam filled stadium cushion. These cushions generally have a cloth or vinyl cover and a handle. They can be easily carried from the car to the game bleachers as their lightweight and very convenient.

While these bench cushions are lightweight, easy to store, durable, and convenient but they do not help with your back or neck pain. They are manufactured in a variety of materials. Some even come equipped with battery powered bum heaters.

They can be made out of everything from foam to space age gel cushioning. There can be no doubt that these types of stadium chairs are the most common type of bench cushions

Folding Bench Cushions

The next step up in the evolution of bench cushions is the folding bench cushion. This type of cushion is also easily carried, stored, and convenient like the original stadium cushions. The big advantage that this particular style has is that it offers some back support.

The addition of the back support can really make the difference between a long miserable sporting event an uncomfortable an enjoyable game. They are manufactured in a variety of materials and come with a variety of different types of cushioning. With this style of bleacher chair you can adjust the back angle slightly.

Costs for this type of bleacher cushions start at about $13.00 and go up from there.

Deluxe Bench Cushions

The next step up in the evolution of bench cushions is the deluxe folding stadium cushion. These folding bleacher chairs are for those who want the utmost in comfort while watching sporting events and other events in which you have to sit on bleachers. They come with a variety of accessories including cup holders, pockets, zipper sealed pouches, and more.

They are adjustable so you can put the back at any position that is comfortable for you. One of the most unique features of this type of stadium chair is that they have clamps too firmly affixed that share to the bottom of the bleacher. This way when you are sitting and leaning back that the chair cannot fall over backwards on the bleacher.

The sky is really the limit in features that are available for these chairs. They come in all materials from nylon to fine quality leather.

You can also purchase them with heated back rests and seat cushions. Some even come with a built in back massager.

The only disadvantage to this nicer, more deluxe style of bench cushion, is that it's not quite as lightweight.  This means that carrying them to your seats can be a little more tiring.  The added comfort during the game is well worth any additional discomfort you may experience by carrying the chair.

These nicer, more elaborate bench cushions start at around $40.00 and go up to about $100 per chair.


Bench Cushions Can Save Your Bum

Using a quality and cushion while at a sporting event or for that matter any event in which you'll be sitting on a flat bench for a prolonged period of time, will not only help you to enjoy the event more by eliminating unnecessary pain, but it can also help prevent long-term injuries.

Studies have shown that those who sit with bad posture have a higher tendency to develop back and neck problems later in life. The nature of sitting on a bench is such that it doesn't promote proper posture. Fatigue can quickly set in and before long bad posture follows. The bad posture is what contributes the most to the pain. This bad posture over a prolonged period of time can have a permanent effect on the heath of the spine.

So as you can see these bench cushions don't cost very much money and you're definitely worth investing in if you want to save your bum.  Spend a couple of bucks up front and save yourself the pain in that rear end.

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Bleacher Chair Video

 Here's a cool little video that shows a bleacher chair with a lot of amenities.

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