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Best 29er Mountain Bikes

Updated on November 6, 2014

29er Mountain Bikes

29er Mountain Bikes are a special line of mountain bikes that are perfect for taller bike riders. The tires of the "29er" are 29 inches in diameter rather than the standard and original 26 inches that mountain bikes inherited from road bikes when they were first created. With the larger 29 inch tires, the 29er mountain bikes handle better out on rough mountain trails. There is nothing sacred about the 26 inch standard wheel which pre-dated mountain bikes by many years--it just naturally became the de facto standard. The larger tires are designed to handle better on the rough terrain of mountain trails moving over obstacles like logs and rocks with less trouble than the smaller tire. 29er mountain bikes are becoming more popular since more bike manufacturers are releasing new models with larger 29 inch tires all the time. Many people who have them say once you do 29er track, you'll never go back!

You don't have to be tall to enjoy a 29er. Many average size people really enjoy riding them, but they are not for everyone. They do have distinct advantages. They do, however, take more energy when starting.

Featured below is a great selection of 29er mountain bikes, including a link to a review of the fifty best bikes so you can find one and start enjoying the trails in state parks, off-road wooded trails and mountain paths.

Test Drive the 29er First

It's probably a good idea to test drive a 29er bike first to make sure that's what you want. Many bike shops will allow you to test drive a bike before you buy or some offer bike rental servcies. Renting one will allow you to take it on a long off-road ride to really test it out thoroughly.

Advantages of a 29er:

* Roll over logs and obstructions much easier

* Best on rocky and rugged terrrain

* Better Clearance

* Feels more natural to taller riders

Disadvantages of a 29er:

* Harder to accelerate and stop

* The bike may not be a natural geometry fit for smaller riders

* Takes more upper body strength. This can also be looked at as an advantage because it intensifies and upper body workout.

* 26ers handle better on tight switchbacks and downhill

Singletracks' Review of the Best 50 29er Bikes

A popular website for mountain bikers is Singletracks. They have a review of the best 50 29er bikes. What more could you ask for?

Most of the bikes in the top ten list are well over $1000.00, but a handful of the bikes are nicely priced under that amount. Check them out at :The Best 29er Bikes Review from Singletrack.

Bigger and More Fun - Thruster 29er Men's Mountain Bike

Famed Mountain Bike Maker Discusses the 29er - Gary Fisher is always worth listening to

The 29er Debate

The 2013 Trek Stache 8 - A new awesome 29er

Trek Stache
Trek Stache

This new bike is just awesome. This lightweight aluminum bike makes for aggressive hardtail riding.

Highlighted Features:

* 120mm platinum aluminum fork

* Fox32 Evolution Fork

* Bontrager tubeless ready rims

* Shimano XT derailers

* XLS Shifters

29er Mountain Bikes

Most people who try 29er bikes love them!

Video of 26 vs 29er on Rough Technical Terrain - Some things you just can't do as well on a 26er

Youtube Video of a Specialized 29er Test Run

This 29er Mountain Bike is Very Affordable

The 96er or 69er Option

Other options are available where the front wheel is 29 inches and the rear wheel is 26--known as a 96er. Or 69er bikes are being manufactured with a 26 inch front wheel and 29er back wheel. Each type seems to come with its own weaknesses and advantages.

Mountain bike riders are an innovative, scrappy lot and so expect to see other interesting designs in the future as some riders and forever pushing the envelope.

Benefits of a Specialized 29er Video

More Amazon Mountain Bike Assessories

The 650B

Another Tire Option

Another tire size is starting to emerge too for mountain bike riders. Referred to as the "650B", it is a bike with 27.5 inch wheels. This size is a nice compromise between the 26 and 29 inch wheels. More bike manufacturers are building forks for these bikes and rumor has it that many of the major bike companies are spending the money to produce them. Expect to see many more options available by 2014 at the latest.

Which is your Favorite Type Bike

Which is your Favorite Bike Size?

See results

Norco Bikes Compares 650B to 26er and 29er - Good information to pin down the wheel size choice

A YouTube Review of the 650B

Essential Mountain Bike SKills

Thirty Minute video with some nice scenery and good information.

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    • CoolFool83 profile image

      CoolFool83 5 years ago

      Looks like fun!

    • rickmac lm profile image

      Rick McBride 5 years ago from Dallas

      @shawn-mcafee: Thanks, Shawn. I commented on your lens. Nice job. I'm hoping to ride at Palo Duro in the fall. I also love the Big Bend area of Texas. Let me know if you want to ride one of the local trails around here. I rode yesterday.

    • profile image

      shawn-mcafee 5 years ago

      Great lens, you have some excellent information about the benefits of 29er mountain bikes. I also see you're from Dallas just like myself! Check out my lens on Texas Mountain Biking sometime and let me know what you think!

    • Joan Haines profile image

      Joan Haines 5 years ago

      I'd need a mountain for the shorter folk, not the taller. Mountain biking is heaps of fun!

    • profile image

      dellgirl 6 years ago

      This is an interesting lens, thank you for sharing this information.