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Black Diamond Half Dome Climbing Helmet Review

Updated on August 26, 2011

The Half Dome is a popular rock climbing helmet by Black Diamond that offers a good combination between toughness, durability, and price. The Half Dome features a hybrid suspension system: a closed cell foam liner, which adjusts with a wheel on a rear strap, covered with a semi-rigid plastic shell. This plastic shell of the lid is which made the helmet reasonably tough and durable. The Helmet fits properly on the head, but the chin strap is not an easy one to buckle. Ventilation is an issue too. The vents slots are located on the side and are ridiculously small. That could be an advantage in ice climbing but for sport climbing in summer expect to sweat a lot using the Half Dome. At last, the Half Dome makes a good job retaining your headlamp with four simple latches on the side of the helmet. On the whole, I recommend the Half Dome for climbing and mountaineering: a good choice for the price.

Black Diamond Half Dome Rock Climbing Helmet
Black Diamond Half Dome Rock Climbing Helmet


  • Shell: Plastic
  • Suspension: Hybrid design: foam an suspension system
  • Weight : 360 g, 12.7 oz
  • Size Range : 53–61 cm, 21–24 in (one size)

Pros & Cons


Relatively lightweight
Not so expensive
One year of warranty
Accommodates a headlamp well


ot sufficient vents slots, if you usually climb in hot weather


The Black Diamond Half Dome is a great helmet, a good compromise between performance and weight that will accompany you in your climbing adventures during a relatively long time. A good choice for the price.


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