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Boat History Report

Updated on January 13, 2011 Information Guide is a website that provides a service that can be very beneficial to both boat buyers and sellers. On their website both individuals and businesses can buy history reports for used boats. offers both single and unlimited accounts (for 30 days) for individuals and unlimited accounts for dealers/brokers. Dealers or brokers can make their boat history available free on watercrafts they are selling. Some major online boat classified sites like and will have links on each classified ad to where you can run the boat's history report. Other sellers will actually post their history report with the boat. All customers need to do is enter the HIN (Hull Identification Number) into the website and they can run their report.

Boat History Reports provide buyers with an exorbitant amount of information that they would not be able to find elsewhere. Reports help boat buyers gain the extra confidence when buying a used boat. Some of the information found in reports include; accidents, salvage, fire, hurricane, liens and more. One of the interesting features is if the boat is documented, (all boats over 35 ft are required) you can find all past hailing ports of the boat and any name changes to the vessel. However, the reports do not give out past owner information such as, names and address. This information is not given out because the Privacy Act passed by Congress in 1994 restricts third party companies such as from divulging personal information.

Some people question the accuracy of services like or claiming how can they know if my boat was in an accident. Well with watercrafts if you are in an accident where there is over $2,000 dollars worth of damage, you are required by law to report it to your local law enforcement agency. Once this data has been reported then adds the incident to their database.

A history report from offers users extensive information that can influence buyers in their final purchase decision. A clean history report gives buyers confidence to make the purchase and gives sellers a bonus sales tool.


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