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Busting balls - Bocce ball

Updated on September 10, 2016

Italian 'bowling'

When I look at a boce ball I think of one of the Olympic games, where someone takes a really heavy ball and heaves it as far as possible.

Its something like that but there's an added strategy to it. You have to either knock the target (smaller yellow or other color ball) or someone elses ball out of the way. preferably out of the circle (weather its invisible area or marked off)

Bocce ancestry is based on a common Boules family game played during the Roman Empire & as I call it Italian bowling the present game has evolved from Italy.

How to Play Bocce footnotes - 'Open Bocce'

What is Bocce Ball

This is the most popular form of Bocce ball, at least among the casual player.

Played by 2-8 players with 8 balls total and if playing as teams the balls are just divided between the players.

There's no need to worry about an actual court to play and so on. Any grassy, sandy, or dirt ladden plain will do. You can also used a paved are, but I have not seen many use that as you get more knicks & scratches in the balls. Hopefully flat unless you want a little more challenge for those finishing shots. Some roll them like a bowling ball, others throw them or the later with a litte extra for it to roll.

Once your opponet or teams are sitchuated, choose someone to throw the target ball called the Pallino, this will be the first player as well to throw the first bocce ball. You (Your team's) balls need to be the closest to the target ball to win, must be at least 3 if not all four of your balls. After the last ball is thrown the player that is 'inside' is awarded points. A point per one of his balls that is closer to the Pallino than his opponent's. After this another frame is played and so on til someone reaches anywhere between 13-15 points depending on time constraints and so on.

Proper playing court

Proper playing court
Proper playing court

Bocce Scoring chart

Bocce Scoring chart
Bocce Scoring chart

Bocce ball drink!


Orange juice


if you want it to be mild, eliminate the vodka, or just add in small quantities

as its supposed to be a smooth drink

Anyone have an idea for a Bocce Shot?

Word puzzle

Word puzzle
Word puzzle

Bocce terminology - also spelled as bocci & boccie as well

  • Pallino The yellow ball used as the 'target' ball, also know as a jack ball.

    (I think we've called it the peanut or nut a couple times)

  • Alley & court are the names for the bocce game area
  • Bocce Plural to the Italian word 'boccia' which means bowl
  • inside when a ball is closest to the pallino
  • Outside any balls not close to the pallino
  • Frame like in bowling, each round is called a frame

Old Bocce players

never die;

They just lose their balls

Team Name Ideas

Jack of Balls

DeBoccery*(from link)

Patriot Bocce Trophy, 12" high, with engraving
Patriot Bocce Trophy, 12" high, with engraving

I had the option to include this or another trophy and this one was so much nicer looking.



I tried to find a trophy that could be used as a trophy for family or one of those job picnic type functions (if those really exist). I can't believe they actually had a couple!

If you want to be creative get a gold ball or something closer to the size of a Bocce ball and just spray paint it silver or gold let dry figure out what you want to use as a base & glue them together. Then you can figure out after that or just have a little plate made with the persons name on it (even out of scrap metal) for the bragging rights be sure they defend their title be it the next week, month or year but they get to hold it until they lose it!

Target Aquired

Which do you prefer

See results

Team name ideas

Have an idea for a Bocce Team name? Let me know I'd love to hear them. Also next time we have a family get together, we may use them.

as for apparel

tried to find something for you; if you are not really into the game, then you can just try to organize the game and players by what colors they are wearing.

  • Light colors vs. Dark Shorts
  • men vs. women
  • family vs family
  • parents vs kids
  • Shirts vs Hats

etc. and so on. or just try and get some cheap bandannas 2-4 of different colors for each team. I have seen some bocce sets for 4 people (those for 4 people are only 2 balls per person, unlike for 2 people which is usually 3)

Have you got what it takes to play?

Have you got what it takes to play?
Have you got what it takes to play?

Winner's club - what's the score?

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