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Carp Fishing Essex

Updated on November 21, 2017

Carp Fishing in South Essex

South Essex is home to some of the UK's biggest and most rewarding carp fisheries. There are plenty of fisheries within South Essex that hold carp exceeding the 30lb mark. Having fished South Essex since a young age, I'd like to share with you some of the day-ticket and night-ticket lakes that I have experienced and give you a brief insight into each of the lakes.

Carp Fishing Venues in South Essex

Slough House - Situated off the A128 in Bulphan. This is a great lake if you want to catch plenty of fish and be kept on your toes for most of the day.

How big are the carp at Slough House Essex? There are carp to 30lb and some huge catfish which exceed the 70lb mark. Slough House Fisheries is one of the only lakes in South Essex that holds big catfish. On an average day you could expect to pull out between 2-6 carp; sometimes more or less, give or take. It's a great place to take the youngsters and those who are new to fishing as you are guaranteed some rod action whether you're fishing for carp, cats or smaller fish.

Tylers Common - Situated off the A127 in Upminster. There are 3 lakes to choose from. All hold carp of different sizes. Carp going above 25lb. The bottom lake is the easiest for a catch and the left hand lake produces the big fish. However the bottom lake still holds carp up to 20llb.

Puddledock Fisheries - Situation in Upminster. This fishery has 4 lakes. There is a Specimen lake with carp going up to 30lb. On my first time fishing this lake i had a 17lb mirror. There is the road lake which produces lots and lots of all types of fish. The carp are smaller but if you enjoy float or pole fishing it is an excellent lake to fish. The back lake on the left is just carp - smaller than the specimen lake but still some good fish in there and is the quieter of the lakes. The right hand lake is called the snake lake. I am not too sure what fish are in there as i have never fished it but it is beautiful to look at and often see people float fishing on there.

The Warren, situation in Standford le Hope. This is a fishery that produces some really big carp. I think the current record is around the 38lb mark, but it has a really good head of 20's and some 30's also. There are 3 lakes. Main lake, Square lake and the match lake. The biggest fish can be found in the main lake but the square lake also holds a good head of carp going up to 30lb. The match lake is full of tench roach bream etc, also of good sizes. In the winter this becomes a popular venue for pike fishing, with many large pike stocked here.

The Chase - Dagenham, is home to two fishing lakes - known as the top and bottom lake... I have no personal experience fishing this lake but I am lead to believe that the carp in here reach up to the 30lb mark.

Gloucester Park Situated in Basildon - This lake has carp up to 30lb. Nice lake with a very good head of carp. Good for putting a bend in the rod with a chance of catching some of the bigger ones also. You can also night fish this lake, but it can get pretty busy even in the night. Prices are good on the day/night ticket.

Chigboro Lakes Situation in Maldon, more towards North Essex is another lake that can be night fished. Again lots of carp and also some catfish in this lake - Carp going to around the 30lb mark, and some pretty big catfish as well.

Harwood Hall Fishery. Situated in Upminster. This is a good lake especially for the float / pole fisherman. A day ticket here is just £4 for 1 rod. There is a good head of roach, perch and bream, but also plenty of carp. The carp go up to early 20's. A Quiet lake in the week, and very peaceful. In the summer you will find dozens of carp together sitting on top of the water. It's worth fishing off the top but they do seem to be quite switched on here.

South Weald Country Park in Brentwood. A beautiful country park that is home to 2 old lakes. One is the home to some very nice old english carp and large pike. There is a little walk from the car park, so it's best to take a fishing trolley or be prepared to make 2 trips. Also, as it is a country park you will get people feeding the ducks and walking the dogs, but still another nice venue that is well worth trying out.

© 2009 Terry Harris

Where's the best place to fish in South Essex?

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      jim bennett 7 years ago

      can i have the address and post codes for these lakes

      just taken up fishing again now leaving in chadwell st mary greys