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A challenging water sport

Updated on November 17, 2015
This is the main piece of equipment for this water sport
This is the main piece of equipment for this water sport

Football suddenly ended for me and the rest of the city of Baltimore with a heartbreaking missed field goal in the final seconds of the last game before the Super Bowl. None of us have completely gotten over that one yet! As an Oriole's fan there's really no reason to get excited about the baseball season, especially when the 1980's were the last time they proved to be a successful contender. Basketball will soon be over as well with March Madness now upon us all, go UNC! So with Summer right around the corner, my answer to the last question would have to be that I've now shifted my complete undivided attention to a challenging water sport and activity for small children!

Now when Summer time rolls around every year there's always plenty of water sport activities to keep the small children occupied outside. There are the common swimming pools, which are both public and private. They range from in ground to above ground. The smaller the child is, then the smaller pool needs to be. There's plenty of choices out there from little plastic wading pools to colorful inflatable pools. Just make sure you keep these pools away from sharp objects. Nature also offers plenty of areas for Summertime fun. There's oceans, rivers, ponds, lakes, and good old creeks.

There are tons of different types of man made water toys out there on the market as well for both children and adults. There are slip-n-slides, water guns, and sprinklers for the little ones to run through and cool off in the hot Summer heat. In the big cities like Baltimore there's always a convenient water hydrant around on just about every corner that children use to cool of with. However it's best to do this when the adults are looking the other way. You know it's over, and it's time to go when you hear the fire engines coming down the street in your direction.

This unique water sport requires a lot of patience and concentration. It's similar to other big sports in it's final goal. In basketball you try to throw the ball into a basket. In golf you try to hit the ball into the hole. In football you try to get the ball into the end zone or through the goal post. In baseball you try to hit the ball over the fence or catch it in your baseball glove. In hockey you try to hit the puck into the goal, and in soccer you try to kick the ball into the goal. This particular water sport for children is no different, and the object to get it in is the same. Even if you are afraid of water this game is mandatory for everyone, and one way or another everyone in life plays it.

So for my 25th hub I decided to participate in my first ever contest, by answering a question with a question about a very challenging water sport. I don't think it's been discussed much in the past here on the hub pages, and I'm going to take the same approach as I have on some of my other hubs with this topic. After I've given you as much information as I can, you can figure it out, and tell me what it is. In the photograph above you'll find the basic piece of equipment that is used in this water sport or activity. There is a lot of intense training involved with this sport, and I know because I'm currently deeply involved in it. When a small child can successfully score in this water sport, everybody's a winner. What is this water sport for small children called?

Maybe the Baltimore Orioles would be better off playing T-ball this year.
Maybe the Baltimore Orioles would be better off playing T-ball this year.

Have you ever been a referee in this water sport?

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By the word "Referee" I mean the person who is overseeing if the child correctly scores or not. Sometimes the little ones unfortunately don't always get it in.

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