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Cheap Paintball Guns for Sale Under $50

Updated on January 22, 2013

Made for Paintballers on a Budget

Paintball isn't the cheapest of sports, but luckily you have this page to help you find awesome deals.

Many players seem to think that they need to spend hundreds of dollars to have fun in this sport. However, the truth is that anyone can pick up a marker for under $50 and still have just as much fun.

This page was made for those who want to get into the sport without spending hundreds of dollars. Even at this low of a price range, you will be surprised at how much of a selection there is!

Affordable Semi-Auto Paintball Guns for Sale

Semi-auto paintball guns fire one shot per trigger pull. You'll find plenty of choices in this category.

There are lots of older out of production yet perfectly working guns out there that would be happy to find a new home and see action again.

Below are semi-auto paintball gun auctions ending today that are still under $50.

Wallet Friendly Pump Paintball Guns for Sale

Paintball pumps can be a fun way to play paintball. Pumps are generally for rec play and are preferred by players who value one shot eliminations and accuracy over how many paintballs per second they can shoot.

If you want to play longer and more, a pump is a great choice as you will shoot a lot less paint than you would if you used a semi-auto.

In case you don't know, a pump paintball gun means you have to pump the handle to load a paintball before you can shoot.

Below you can see paintball pump auctions ending today that are still under $50.

Buy Used and Win

Not only will buying used save you money, but if you shop around, you can also get a great gun for the money spent.

Most if not all of the new guns that are priced under $50 aren't worth mentioning here because you can buy a used gun for the same price that will work better and last longer.

So, do yourself a favor and buy used because new is overrated!

Should You Get a Pump or a Semi?

There are advantages and disadvantages to both.

Semi-Automatics are more complicated in operation, and that can mean there is more parts that can potentially break. Of course, reliability will depend on the gun you get. An advantage to these is that they shoot faster than pumps. On the flip side that means you'll spend more on paint and air.

Pumps are super simple. They are cheaper to play with since you'll shoot less paint. A disadvantage is that you can't shoot as fast with them and if you are playing against semi-autos, prepare to be outgunned.

Need Help Making a Decision?

If you have no clue what you want, you may be interested in visiting the below websites where you can find reviews, ask questions, and learn more before you buy.

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