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Why I Love My Cobra

Updated on February 28, 2015

I struggled with golf for a number of years, but at last my golf game is coming together. It helped that we playd four days a week now instead of just on weekends. I started getting a more grooved swing and could feel a bit more consistent in my hits.

Still I wasn't hitting my drives as far as I wanted. Part of it was lack of confidence in my driver. It was hard to let go and really swing when, too often, my drive would curve off to the right. I'd hold back and try to steer the club as I came through my swing. The results were lackluster.

My husband studies the game and reads all the golf magazines, watches the Golf Channel and has played for almost forty years. He was the one who suggested a new driver and recommended the Cobra.

I Try Out the Cobra Driver

Our golf club hosted regular demo days where you could try out the clubs on the driving range. When the Cobra demo day came around, I took a serious look at their driver and gave it a thorough trial, hitting ball after ball on the range.

It impressed me that I wasn't curving off to the right. I ordered my Cobra driver on the spot. When it arrived, I headed out for the course. Again I was keeping the ball straight off the tee. That led to more confidence and I started relaxing with my swing. The result was a more solid hit and my drives were going longer.

I've had some great games with my Cobra driver. I get compliments from other golfers on my drives now and let me tell you, that feels really good.

What Makes It Special?

This driver has a graphite shaft which most women need to get that spring/swing speed for a good hit. Professional golfers use the stiff shaft, but I needed that graphite shaft.

The head is offset. That allows the club head to meet the ball squarely and you get fewer mis-hits. I really feel the club head hitting the ball solidly in the center. It's a great feeling.

Are You Happy with Your Current Driver?

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Do You Need a Bag or a Cart?

to Match Your Cobra?

Cobra Women's Sapphire 13-Piece Club Complete Set (Right Hand, Graphite, Ladies, Complete Set, Bag)
Cobra Women's Sapphire 13-Piece Club Complete Set (Right Hand, Graphite, Ladies, Complete Set, Bag)

If you like having a matched set, then don't opt just for the driver. Here you get all the clubs you need plus a matching bag.


Video Review of the Ladies Cobra Driver

Golf Push Cart by Caddy Tek

CaddyTek SuperLite Deluxe Golf Push Cart, Black/Orange
CaddyTek SuperLite Deluxe Golf Push Cart, Black/Orange

If you like to walk the course, I recommend a push cart rather than a pull cart. It's better for your arm and shoulder.


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    • profile image

      DebW07 4 years ago

      Golf is a difficult game so it always good when you find a club that you really like.