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Concept 2D Rowing Machine Reviewed

Updated on May 16, 2015

Concept 2D Rower Top on Amazon and the Net

How Did the Concept2 Model D Rower Get 5 Full Stars Among it's Consumers?

When you're thinking about making a purchase as hefty as the Concept2 Model D Rower, you have to look at the reviews of the product in question, because a concept2 review that is written by a real human buyer will certainly help you make a much better and informed better buying decision.

If you look at reviews for the Concept2 D, you'll find that it has achieved 5 Star status, which is nearly impossible for any product to do!

Those who have reviewed it love the Concept2 Model D Rower, saying things like, "This rower offers a full body workout," "The Concept2 Indoor Rowing Machine is the universal standard for quality rowing machines," and "In more than 30 years of different exercise and sports this is hands down the best piece of indoor training equipment I have found."

If you want to buy Concept2 rowers, you should check the reviews yourself. Its ease of assembly and ease of use (the monitor is reported to be very user-friendly), have won high marks. Its construction is of the best quality. As an added bonus, maintenance is low, and the warranty is excellent, covering the frame for five years and moving parts for 2 years. Reviewers agree that this is one great indoor rower!

Concept 2D Rower - In A Class Of It's Own - Click The Picture Of The Concept 2D For Some Usage Tips

How To Use The Concept 2d Rowing Machine
How To Use The Concept 2d Rowing Machine

Concept2 D PM4 Monitor Product Spec's

The Concept2 PM4 Performance Monitor Is Standard on the Model E But an Option for the Concept2 Model D Rowing Machine

While the PM3 monitor works great and has a ton of terrific features, you might want to consider the Concept2 PM4 performance monitor. It comes as a standard feature with the Concept2 Model E Rower, and as an option on the most recent version of model D. You can even get it to retrofit to your Concept2 model D rowing machine, or older, retired models C, B or A.

So what's special about the PM4? Both the PM3 and PM4 work similarly, and allow you to do a lot to monitor your workouts, and save the data from each workout. You can also upload that information to your PC or Mac easily. One difference is that with the PM4 you get everything you need to monitor your heart rate, and with the PM3, you need to purchase an optional accessory kit to do so.

Another nifty feature of the PM4 monitor is that if you have more than one Concept2 rower in the same room, the PM4 monitors can communicate with each other wirelessly. This is great for head-to-head racing workouts.

And the PM4 monitor has its own rechargeable battery pack in it. When you workout on your rower, the motion of the flywheel actually recharges the battery. Both the Concept 2 PM4 and PM3 monitors work simply, and allow you to get in a quality workout.

Use The The Concept2 D Erg To Quicken Your Results

How to Properly Use the Concept2 Ergometer on the Concept2 Model D Rowing Machine to Your Benefit

Once you'e had a practice and get the hang of how to properly use the Concept2 Ergometer, you'll begin to see its benefits pretty quickly. However you do need to understand how to work it so that all your muscle groups are being used at the right time and in the right way.

Start with your knees bent, back and arms straight, and the handle close to the flywheel. Then push your body back just with your legs (don't use other body parts yet). When the legs are straight, lean back a touch and stop the movement when you feel your abs engage. Keep your back really straight while using the Concept2 model D rowing machine. Now use your upper back, arms and shoulders to pull the handle toward you. The pulling motion is straight in.

After the inward pull, let the handle back out using a circular motion just like you would on the water. Whilst doing this, your body will remain in its position, with your abs still engaged. Now the back comes forward so you are sitting upright, and then the legs bend to bring your body back up to the starting position.

Do this whole sequence smoothly, although the first set of movements when you pull back should be done in a quick manner, and the second set of movements should take about twice as long. This action mimics the movement that rowers experience while in the water. When you do this movement correctly on your concept2 erg, you'll start feeling and seeing results fast.

Get Into The Groove With Your Concept 2

Concept2 D Oar System Reviewed

How Do the Concept2 D Oars Perform for the Concept2 Model D Rowing Machine?

One of the most important pieces of equipment used in rowing are the oars, and Concept2 oars give spectacular performance for athletes of all levels. Did you know that 64% of 2008 Beijing Olympic medalists raced using Concept2 oars? ...This is an outstanding testament to the quality and performance of these oars.

Concept2 oars are engineered based on in-depth analysis of how oars work to propel boats. As more information is gathered through testing, improved efficiency and performance can be engineered into each oar.

Concept2 oars are the product of over 35 years of design innovation, beginning with lightweight, but very strong carbon oars, innovative blade designs, and continued research and development. Concept2 is dedicated to designing and produce the best, most performance-worthy oars and sculls in the world and to selling them at an affordable price, with in-depth customer support included.

You don't have to be a world-class rower to use Concept2 oars, but no one would be surprised if you were. These high quality oars are meant to be used by any rower who values innovation and performance, and the passion and support of a company dedicated to making the best.

StickyNote To Self

Get down the gym and try out the rowing machines, they are a great way to all round fitness.

If I like them I should really consider buying one as the cost of a good Gym membership is about half the price of a concept 2D Rowing machine....

Must clear out the spare room to make some space!

Beware of Investing in a Used Concept2 D

Why You Don’t Want to Buy a Used Concept2 Rowing Machine

You should resist the temptation to buy a used Concept2 Rowing machine, and here's why: When making plans to purchase an important piece of fitness equipment, it's normal to want to save money and still get something great if possible.

But exercise equipment isn't one of those things you should buy used because you don't know how it's been used - gently or not-so-gently, and it might have some problems with functioning that could cause a danger. Aside from that risk, you don't want a used Concept2 because the warranty may be expired or non transferable.

Buying a concept2 rower used, or checking out eBay concept2 listing is a much less desirable way to get a good workout than by just buying the equipment brand new. Used is okay for some things, but in this case, you want something that is newly built, never used, and that comes with a full warranty just in case you need it.

You want to be able to get the rowing workout you deserve without any worries, and the best way to do that is to buy a really good rower that is new out of the box, and securely packaged and shipped. The first time you use it, you should be able to tell that it's new and you should be able to customize all the settings from scratch, not change someone else's old settings. In this case, new is definitely better.

Some Reading Matter That May Help You With Your Rowing

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