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Updated on January 17, 2014

Back to The Days of Yesteryear

So my desire to be a gunfighter first began on radio and then on television with the words ...

."A fiery horse with the speed of light, a cloud of dust, and a hearty hi-ho, Silver!

The Lone Ranger with his faithful Indian companion, Tonto, the daring and resourceful masked rider of the plains led the fight for law and order in the early West.

Return with us now to those thrilling days of yesteryear . . The Lone Ranger rides again!"

In 1964 my love of fast draw and gun fighting was once again peaked, when I seen the movie " A fist full of Dollars" and who can forget the line...

"You see my mule don't like people laughing. He gets the crazy idea that you're laughing at him. Now if you apologize like I know you're going to, I might convince him you really didn't mean it,"

If you would like to learn how to return to those thrilling days of yesteryear and find out if you have what it takes to be a modern day gunfighter, continue on.

Gunfighters are not born, they are made

Life often dictates the chosen path and so it is.

I have always worn Cowboy boots, Levi's and western shirts. As far back as memory serves, I have loved guns and shooting.

A year ago I realized that I was going to have more time on my hands and wanted an activity where I could enjoy other folks company and at the same time, partake of things I enjoy like shooting. My favorite shooting has been with single action guns, especially those the shoot the holy black, the original gunpowder. What folks no days call Black Powder.

After looking around, I stumbled onto CAS short for Cowboy action shooting. Under that umbrella are a number of cowboy shooting activities including Mounted Shooting. I love horses and riding but at my age and income level, I did not want the care and feeding of a horse. Well what about SASS or Single Action Shooting Society.

There is a club in my small town that does SASS, so I went to check it out. Dang, a really nice bunch of folks and they were right there to help get me started. They shared their knowledge, loaned me a few guns to give it a try.

It took me one day of being there and a few days of being realistic to know that as much fun as it was, it was not in the cards. Remember the Gambler? "Know when to hold em, know when to fold em".

Well, I would need a rifle, shotgun and two revolvers plus leather. Each month there would also be at the least, 60 rounds of rifle, 60 rounds of pistol and 24 rounds of shotgun rounds fired. Doing the math, even getting inexpensive guns and leather and loading my own ammunition, the cost was going to be way beyond my means.

Then I discovered, Cowboy Fast Draw competition. I would only need one 45 colt revolver and one holster. The ammunition is loaded by hand, no loading equipment needed. The rounds are loaded with a shotgun primer and a wax bullet. Now that is dang inexpensive shooting and can even practice at my house. I was hooked.

Dressing the part

Or how to look like a gunfighter

A huge part of Cowboy Fast Draw is dressing the part. How elaborate or fancy you want to be is your choice. you need to dress as a Western cowboy, working cowboy clothing is acceptable.

Town folk or period profession is acceptable.

Western-style boots or moccasins are the accepted footwear.

Western or theme character hats are mandatory for men and optional for ladies.

You can look as if you just came in off the range or you can look like you are on the way to Sunday Going to Meeting.

Click on the picture and you will see different ways folks dress for Cowboy Fast Draw.

It's your character, live it your way, just don't show up in tennis shoes, Bermuda shorts and a baseball hat.

Arm yourself for a gunfight

Six Shooters and Holsters

Colt 45 is the only caliber used in this fast paced sport. The choices in guns are many. I suppose I could begin listing single action revolvers that would qualify for Cowboy Fast Draw and even the choice of holsters, but I am going to resist doing it.


Yep, I got a reason. Experience is the best teacher and usually it is the least expensive route to take.

Put on you boots, hat and long sleeve shirt. Go to a Cowboy Fast Draw Association event. The folks there will show you what they shoot, the holsters they wear and give you insight into why they made those choices. They will even strap a holster on your waist, stick a six shooter into the holster and let you experience the thrill of shooting Cowboy Fast Draw.

Now you will be armed with in depth, easy to understand knowledge as well as personal experience so you make a good choice the first time.

A view of Cowboy Fast Draw

Your body begins to tense, you feel your heart rate begin to pound and then the moment of truth. How fast are you?

The cowboys came over and said, It is time for you too shoot. They basically dragged me out of my chair, strapped a belt and holster around my waist and the instruction began. After 5 minutes, I stepped to the line and for the first time I felt that rush.

I only shot 8 rounds that day, yet it seemed to take a half hour before my heart rate slowed down ... that evening when I got home, I sent my membership application into the Cowboy Fast Draw Association.

This video is not me, but it ends by showing what I did that day and how it has changed my life.

What style of gunfighter are you?

Divisions and Categories

These are the normally recognized Categories and may not be included in all clubs. Often a category will be combined or eliminated because of a lack of competitors.

Boy’s & Girl’s Junior ages 16 & 17,

Men’s & Lady’s Traditional age 18+;

Men’s & Lady’s 49’r age 49+;

Men’s & Lady’s Senior age 60+;

Men’s & Lady’s Super Senior age 65+;

Old Timers & Grand Ladies age 70+,

Men’s & Lady’s Shootist.

Only competitors under 18 may enter Junior Categories.

Only men may enter in the Men’s Division

Only females may enter in the Lady’s Division.

No person is required to enter any age-based category and may shoot in Traditional. Shooters must choose only one category that they qualify for, i.e.; A 63 year-old may enter Traditional, 49’r, or Senior.

Categories may not be changed once registration has closed.

If a shooter does not declare a category before registration closes, they will be placed in Traditional, which is considered an Open Category.

The Shootist category is for competitors that use Slim Jim Holsters and revolvers with a minimum barrel length of 7-1/2”.

There shall also be a Men’s & Lady’s Division of this category, but the category will not be further divided into aged based sub-categories.

Note: We have found factory tolerances in barrel lengths on some models actually measure less than 7-1/2”, this is acceptable as long as it is a true factory tolerance. A 7” S&W Schofield Revolver or reproductions are also allowed in this category, with same factory tolerances as mentioned above.


motto: "Safety First, Fun Second, and Competition Third"

Our sport, by its very nature, has the potential to be dangerous and a serious accident could occur. However, the long history (almost 60 Years) of organized Fast Draw competition using wax bullets is free of any serious accidents.

Cowboy Fast Draw Association has refined our rules to a level so that there is no reason that an accident on any shooting line ever occur.

We also are committed to the education of firearm safety so that everyone exposed to our sport has the opportunity to learn how to avoid an accident involving a firearm wherever they go.

The Cowboy Fast Draw Association

The Cowboy Fast Draw Association
The Cowboy Fast Draw Association

Fast Draw Saloon

Take a seat - tip your hat back, relax and enjoy the music.

Cowboy Fast Draw, Beginner's Guide

Cowboy fast draw is a great way to inexpensively practice with your firearms. It is a fantastic way to meet and enjoy the company of other people with a common interest.

When watching your favorite western as a youngster, did you ever wonder how fast you are? Have you ever wondered how accurate you could shoot with drawing quickly?

Well, you no longer have to wonder, you can find out and improve with time.

Enjoy the Old West

For you enjoyment, here is a selection of Old West Gunfighter titles that will entertain and excite.

Quick Introduction to Fast Draw

See the different styles used for fast draw. Includes a brief explanation!

So you want to be a gunfighter - First learn what not to do

Wrong move in a gun fight

The operator is sitting in the station waiting for the click - click and ready to receive your message.

The Telegraph Station - Send and Recieve Messages.

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    • JuserTM profile image


      6 years ago

      Great lens, nicely done!

    • Nara White Owl profile image

      Nara White Owl 

      6 years ago

      dMedley, What A great lens on Cowboy Fast Draw , I loved the video and great information her, great job as always. Thanks for being the cowboy back into the light again. Great to remember the old days pass. Nara


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