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Why Indians Are So Crazy About Cricket?

Updated on March 19, 2016

Cricket Fanatic Indians

Cricket is a very popular sport in India. A large portion of the Indian people is addicted to this sport. When there is a Cricket Match between India and any other country, or even between Australia and West Indies (or any other two countries), Cricket Fanatics in India like to avoid routine work and like to sit before TV sets to watch the match live. These people get a hysteric pleasure when ‘their’ team gets advantage, and if 'their' player makes a mistake (i.e. outs, dropping of a catch or giving runs to the opposite team), these fanatics use abusive words for their own cricketers.

While the match is going on on the television and some one disturbs these fanatics, they become angry. If someone comes for an urgent work, he has to wait until the match is over. Even if the visitor is not interested in watching cricket, he has to watch it, or to go back. These fanatics get disturbed even if their phone rings.

When something interesting happens in the match (of course interesting for the cricket fanatics), these people make phone calls to their other Cricket fanatic friends to tell the Braking news. Even after the match ends, the only subject of discussion for these people is Cricket. Cricket, Cricket and Cricket....

But cricket is not played everywhere in the world. This sport is limited to 10-12 countries. The fact is that this sport is popular in some of the countries (not all) which were ruled by England. Even the people of England (Which gave birth to cricket) are not crazy about this sport.

Why Indians Love Cricket So Much?

The question is that why Indians love this game so much? Why they do not take much interest in sports like Football, Hockey, Athletics, Wrestling, Kabbadi, Kho Kho?

There are many physical and psychological reasons for it.

You need much physical and mental energy to play and even to watch sports like football, hockey etc. Most of the Indians are physically and psychologically weak people. This weakness is the most important reason for staying away from the sports which need a high energy. Compare the very fast game of football with the very comfortable game of cricket. In the game of football even the referees need a high stamina, while the umpire in the game of cricket is the laziest person. Cricket is the game of lazy people. We can categorize Indians as the laziest people in the world. So it is natural that Indians like cricket.

But this is not just about stamina. Cricket is the easiest game to understand. People with a low IQ too can understand it. On the other hand, to understand the games like football and hockey, you need some knowledge. Average Indians never understand complicated things. So they do not understand most of the other games.

The third reason is related to the subconscious mind. Indians were following unaccountability for thousands of years. It was banned by law in modern India. But the practice still lives in subconscious minds of most of the Indians. Cricket is the game where the players do not need to touch each others. This is not possible in football, hockey, wrestling, kabbadi etc. That is why there is a love for cricket and hate for ‘touching games’ amongst average Indians. That is why we see most of the Indian cricketers are from Brahmin or so called 'higher' communities. This fact tells us why we do not see cricket players from the so called lower castes in cricket teams.

Notable thing is that the players in Indian Hockey or Football teams are totally different...from different communities...and especially from armed forces, and the communities which are physically strong.

Have you seen any Brahmin player in hockey or football, or even in wrestling, kabbadi or kho kho?

Our Government also gives too much importance to Cricket. This game helps the Government to keep away the people from their basic needs and problems. Cricket works like opium, and people ignore the wrong things that our Government do.

-Mahavir Sanglikar


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  • profile image

    Julia Simons 7 months ago from India

    This is because in childhood every Indian child plays cricket and if do not have any bat then make their own.

  • profile image

    Rohit 5 years ago

    Most of the Indians are physically and psychologically weak people.

    This is absolutely right.

  • jainismus profile image

    Mahaveer Sanglikar 5 years ago from Pune, India

    Well, they should try to play Football or hockey... Then only we can know their stamina.

    I can sleep for two days continuously. Will you consider it as my stamina?

  • profile image

    parashar 5 years ago

    dear admin,

    if you are talking about the so called 'STAMINA', than tell me how indian players plays test meatch for consistent 5 days.and some players play for 14-15 your knowledge about cricket is not pure.....

  • profile image

    unknown 5 years ago

    totally bakwas, indians love cricket just coz its been hiked by media to a large extent, media plays a vital role in the society. u can see that each and every channel of indian television focusses oly on cricket and not on any other sport

  • profile image

    L K M 5 years ago

    yes,it is right indian people are crazy about cricket,becoz they love is an active game. indian people arenot lazy. indian people are intelligent. in cricket there are many rules. cricket is game of gentle man. go n search about cricket u will be see the great player of all time. to take wicket in cricket never easier.take single etc isn't easier in cricket. plz stop 2 say indian people are lazy from above imf.u r wrong.think well who is lazy. thank u.

  • jainismus profile image

    Mahaveer Sanglikar 5 years ago from Pune, India


    You are right.

  • SpiffyD profile image

    SpiffyD 5 years ago from The Caribbean

    I just had to chuckle at the comment that cricket is for lazy people. It's true that cricket umpires were probably the least fit officials in any sports (and maybe the oldest). Then, you could have a portly cricketer who bowls spin, doesn't run much when he bats and fields at first slip. Of course, better cricketers are fitter - mentally and physically.

  • profile image

    anand 5 years ago

    shabbas! paththe! dikha di apani gulamiki hanesty.

    cricket is loved by slave people it relieve them from day long problem