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Buy A Down Sleeping Bag Online

Updated on July 14, 2011

What's So Good About A Down Sleeping Bag?

A down sleeping bag will make your camping trip more comfortable especially in really cold weather. Staying warm while camping can make the difference between have a great camping trip or a miserable one. What can be more comfy and soft while camping then snuggling under the softness of a sleeping bag filled with down. The top three benefits of owning a down sleeping bag are its warmth, it is lightweight and its easy to pack. Those three reasons make the decision to buy a warm and comfy down sleepy bag a smart one.

If you are looking for a down sleeping bag and if you like to camp I would recommend it, then buying online is the best way to purchase one. A down sleeping bag can be expensive because it provides exceptional camping benefits. You can also buy a down-like fill for your sleeping bag which can be a more reasonable alternative.

I would suggest researching the various brand of sleeping bags that you can purchase and you should be able to get your best deal on either Amazon which sell a huge selection of camping gear or Ebay which is another site with a lot of camping supplies.

Buy A Down Sleeping Bag On Ebay

If you are looking to buy a down sleeping bag, Ebay has quite the selection. You will be able to save yourself some money by using Ebay. It is fun to shop from the comfort of your home, pick out your deal on Ebay and it will be shipped right to you.

Take a look at the section below where I have a few of the down sleeping bags for sale right now on Ebay. Once on the Ebay site you will be able to see the entire selection of down sleeping bags that are currently for sale.

Top Five Rated: Down Sleeping Bags

I've put together a list of the top rated down sleeping bags for you to make it easier to compare.. I'm sure you will find just the right type of down sleeping bag for your needs.

Lafuma Down Sleeping Bag

Lafuma's Warm N Light sleeping bag is one of their best selling bags. If you like your sleeping bags light this is the way to go and it is more reasonably priced. It will keep you warm down to about 30 degrees.

High Peak Down Sleeping Bag

A High Peak down sleeping bag is a best seller. Perfect for explorers, the is is a full featured, technical down bag for nearly year-round use. It will keep you warm in temperatures down to 0ºF.

Marmot Lithium Down Sleeping Bag

The Marmot Lithium Down Sleeping Bag is top rated ultralight sleeping bag. It is one of the lightest down sleeping bags and is filled with Marmot's high quality down for your camping comfort.

Big Agnes Down Sleeping Bag

The BIg Agnes Down sleeping bag is made for those who want comfort and warmth in a bigger size. You won't roll off your sleeping pad ever again because this manufacturer combines the pad with the bag for an ultra comfortable night's sleep.

Kelty Down Sleeping Bag

Kelty sleeping bags come in sizes to match anyone's body type. The ultralite model has a down collar to seal air out around the neck. It is a great all around down sleeping bag and weighs only two pounds.

Down Sleeping Bag
Down Sleeping Bag

Caring For A Down Sleeping Bag

  • One thing to remember about a down sleeping bag is that you can't get it wet. It loses it all its protecting warmth when wet.
  • Try not sleep in the bag with the clothes you hiked in. You will only get it dirty. If you take care of your down sleeping bag it will last longer.
  • Even though its easy to pack, don't keep your down sleeping compressed for a long period.
  • If you decide to wash your down sleeping bag (never dry clean it), the best place is the bathtub and the the safest thing for it is to air dry it. If you do throw it in the dryer, don't use heat. Simply use the fluff cycle.


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    • profile image

      Kelty Sleeping Bags 6 years ago

      These sleeping bags are very cute! Especially the green one! Nicely done. Have a nice day, Mitja.

    • Deborah Demander profile image

      Deborah Demander 7 years ago from First Wyoming, then THE WORLD

      Thanks for putting this together. We are currently shopping for sleeping bags.


    • t.cobbler profile image

      t.cobbler 7 years ago

      arent all sleeping bags down when you sleep in them. sorry .. couldn't resist.