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Epee Advanced Strategies

Updated on January 7, 2016

Epee Advanced Strategies

Once the Director says "Fence", the questions are when do you attack? when should you use "stop thrust"? and when should you parry and reposte? Timing is everything. Timing and Distance are two sides of the same coin.

- Jul. 2014

When to attack?

One of the winning strategy in fencing is knowing the proper time to attack.

  • When you are within your fencing distance.
  • During the "preparation" of your opponent. Look for the "telegraph" signs.
  • When your opponent's point is out of line or you can beat his blade out of line.
  • When your opponent is standing still or just on the move forward.
  • When your opponent is distracted. Looking away at the lights.
  • At the end of a previous unsuccessful attack. (remise or redoublement)

When to use "stop thrust"?

  • When your opponent has an exposed target in his preparation or during his attack.
  • When your opponent is executing a compound attack.

When to use parry and reposte?

  • When your opponent attacks from a longer distance.
  • When you are able to retreat during his attack.
  • When your opponent try to "stop" your second intention attack.

Additional offensive moves...

  • See saw attack - an attack made with the weapon held almost cross sword with the opponent. The attack is performed simultaneously with the feet moving forward doing a cross over lunge and the weapon arm lifting up while the point is traveling downward. The target is the opponents torso. I called this the "see-saw" attack because the weapon is moving like a see saw with the guard rising while the point is dropping. This simple move is effective because it comes as a surprise and with a deep penetration. The position of the blade makes it very difficult to parry while the guard blocks out any stop action by the opponent.

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    • profile image

      anonymous 9 years ago

      hey jack, i was reading your section on the see saw attack. I don't quite understand how it works. can you elaborate a little more.