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getting started with growing marijuana

Updated on February 16, 2016

The things you will need to get started on your first grow

1 Hygrometer. This will measure your humidity and temperature.

A grow tent. The size will depend on the amount you wish to grow. I would suggest a 4x4 tent this will allow you to grow up to 9 plants if you have enough lighting.

Grow lights. There are many out there and what you run is up to you. for a 4x4 tent you will need a minimum of 800 watts of lighting. I use two 600 watt LED light in mine. (remember the more light the more yield and the denser the buds)

You will need a good venting fan and I recommend a scrubber to reduce the smell. I run a Ventech in mine with 6 inch tubing.

There is a great little thing made by a company called Inkbird that you can plug your fan into and it will turn it on at temps you set and turn off once temps are reached. I like to keep my tent between 76 and 78 degrees.

You will also need to get a PH meter. If you buy a cheap one from ebay I recommend getting two cause they tend to break fast. I went thru 2 in 6 weeks until I spent the money on a blue labs PH meter. The PH meter is for your water and you must test it cause the wrong PH can kill your plants or cause them to give very small yields. I personally use distilled water.


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