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Fishing Line Review Cajun Red

Updated on September 21, 2011

I only use Cajun Red Line

This may seem like a commercial for Cajun Red but I started using Cajun Red a few years ago,when I noticed that people using the line were catching more fish. I started to take notice, the line disappears in about 3 ft of water.

Cajun Red works well for fresh or salt water fishing. It functions well on any reel. You can cast far with it, its like extra limp. It has great knot strength.

But most of all I would watch people fish with the same rigs same bait almost the same spot. Every-time yes every-time the Cajun Red line caught fish. So basically I changed all my set ups to Cajun Red lines. Oh yeah its not one of those expensive lines either ;-)

I didn't change my fishing techniques at all. I have tried plenty of different fishing lines over the years and certainly you may have noticed that certain lines work better in certain types of water.

Well I worked for the Florida Parks Service for 3 years and it was at a beach where the fishing was considered some of the best in Florida. I watched them catch fish everyday and most of the people that were consistantly catching fish were using Cajun Red

My cousin was paying $25.00 - $35.00 US a spool for his line. HA~! I pay $8.95 US for the same amount of Cajun Red and I catch more fish. It makes a great gift for any fisherman. You can order it right from this hub! Check out the great deals below!


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  • coolbreeze profile image

    Rik Rodriguez 7 years ago from Hawaii

    I have never lost any fish with Cajun Red. Just buy a heavier test line. Set the drag and play them a little more ;-)

  • profile image

    Tom Norbeck 8 years ago

    Sorry, This red fishing line is for crappies only. It stretches, curles up and brakes. I've lost more salt water fish, got more tangles and cursed more than ever. I have replaced all my red crappie line and will never Use it again. So please don't wast your money just to loose your fish.