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Jewellery or Fishing Lures

Updated on April 8, 2021

From Jewellery to Fishing Lures

Author: Terri Mackinnon

There was a time that my jewellery box was looking somewhat disorganized but contained a good variety of presentable items if required. I never thought that I would find a passion that would see me owning 5 tackle boxes and only a single jewellery box, but it has happened.

I have been asked many times why are there so many lures? What are the different types of fishing lures available? And how do you know what to use?

We have to remember that not only do we have a large variety of fish but the same applies to fishing lures so the choices are endless. Let's take a look at the type of lures that are probably the most sought after for recreational fishing.

As fishing tournaments and derby's take place across North America, manufacturers are capturing their audiences with the creation of Big Outdoor Superstores. The thousands of lures displayed to entice the weekend warriors and their need to catch the big one create a staggering industry ready and willing to supply new and better products. Professional anglers proudly holding up their sponsors baits with photo's of their winning catch, ready and willing to share their secrets of success. The choices are endless and not always cheap.

Spinnerbaits (cost - 1.50 - 7.00) are one of my favourite baits and definitely one of the most popular lures out there. I know many would agree that it is probably one of the most effective lures ever invented. This lure can be fished at any speed, in any water conditions and used at a variety of depths. They are available in a variety of colors so it would be recommended to ask your local tackle shop what color is working on the lake you are going to be fishing. My other secret is a company called Naked Bait Co. they have a skirt maker kit that is a must have to be able to customize your spinnerbaits and buzzbaits... or whenever you want your bait to have a skirt.

Buzzbaits (cost 3.99 - 9.99) are usually considered top or close to top of water. They produce the popping, splashing, chugging and chirping that fish just love to come out of the water for. These baits can be used effectively when you are trying to persuade a fish to come out of his hiding spot. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes and will give you an experience you will never forget... bass may love them, but I have caught many pike coming out of the water. My tackle boxes are full of every type.

Top water baits (cost 2.99 - 8.99) - There are many different types. Shapes and sizes vary from Frogs to My secret bait - PopR - Babybass color. These baits produce a bubble type, pop sound on the water. When you see a fish come out of the water and hit them, you will know you love it as much as I do. Its always fun fishing a calm warm day with this lure, but try in in small wave conditions since it has been known to catch some nice fish.

Crankbaits (1.99 - 7.99) are another fishing lure that are used a lot by bass fishermen. These cute baits come in all shapes and sizes and colors. These baits mimic and attract fish sometimes with rattles and usually they are comparatively simple to fish. This lures also have the capability of deep water fishing or shallow diving. I use cranks anytime I get around points, shorelines with rock or small pebbles, and any time I want to wake up the fish these are my go to. My preference is the White Bandit.

Artificial worms and minnows (2.99-9.99 per bag of approx. 10) these are also a great bait for kids. You can use a simple jig and put the worm onto it. This is probably my main go to when I am sitting back quietly and the fish are needed a slow presentation. You do not have to use live bait to catch fish. Manufacturers have produced artificial baits that will fool any species of fish. My favourite baits would be Yamamoto Bubble Gum Pink wacky style on a J hook #6 or 4. Sit back and catch some fish.

If I could give you one great piece of advice:

My real tip would be: Check with the local tackle shop, they know what is biting and what it's biting on. Trust them and their advice. It is the difference of landing a fish, or just enjoying the day. Either way you're a winner. Here are some of the varieties of lures you will see when you get to the tackle store. All of them are in my tackle box.


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