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UFC History

  1. NateB11 profile image96
    NateB11posted 5 years ago

    Who remembers the UFC when it started back in the 90s? It was much different, it's evolved a lot. Most of the participants were clearly not prepared for that environment of the Octagon. There was the Ninjitsu guy, Pat Smith, some good Muay Thai and kickboxers, Dan Severn, interesting Judo and Jiu Jitsu guys (I recall, I believe, a big Dutch guy), and many others, some of them a little comical or otherwise entirely unprepared. Some were just brawlers. Now, obviously the environment is different: participants specifically train for that venue; MMA, with knowledge of stand up and ground work. What's your memories of the old days and the evolution of the UFC. Curious, would love to hear what you have to say about it.

    1. Rick Lenchus profile image60
      Rick Lenchusposted 5 years agoin reply to this

      I was there from the beginning and actually asked to judge but passed. Ron Van Clief fought at 52 years old and did well. Dan Severn is a friend and good man. I knew the Shamrock Brothers and recieved an award at the same podium as the old man Helio Gracie. They dio a incredible job in MMA. I am no a Fan but think the fighters work their butts off to be in such shape

      1. NateB11 profile image96
        NateB11posted 5 years agoin reply to this

        That is very fascinating. I remember Ron Van Clief. It was incredible to see him out there, going against Royce Gracie. Of course, Ken and Frank Shamrock, remember them well; Ken's ankle locks. I don't watch it anymore. In fact, I quit watching it back in the 90s. But I've caught a couple of the relatively recent ones and, like you, respect what they do. Chuck Liddel I'm particularly impressed with, and a few others. I would not consider myself a fan either, but find it interesting; the training, the skills, etc.

  2. Mynde profile image74
    Myndeposted 5 years ago

    I was too young when the UFC started, so I could not follow since the beginning also the technological capabilities would not allow this in my country. However, I am a fan of MMA. Recently, I finished watching all the Pride FC fights from the first one to the last. And now I am starting with UFC. I already watched the first 20 events and it is really interesting how everything changed through time.

    In the first events all the ground fighters dominated stand up players because no one knew how to defend against them. It is really interesting to see how tactics changed during every event. I love this sport.

    1. NateB11 profile image96
      NateB11posted 5 years agoin reply to this

      Yes, that is also the value I see in the UFC and mixed martial arts; it's forced martial artists to address what to do on the ground; because no matter how good of a stand up fighter you are, it is still possible you could end up on the ground; but it's also made a lot of fighters well rounded, to the point they can do both stand up fighting and ground work. I'm also impressed with strikers that defend themselves very well using strikes against grapplers; it's opened up issued that have been addressed very well.