Gun buy back

  1. Ytslemp profile image58
    Ytslempposted 4 years ago

    Gun buy back programs, in theory they work great. In the real world not so much. Why is that?

    Gun buy back programs give people a way to turn on guns no questions asked for some cash. Usually legal gun owners do this as a way to get some money for non working guns or guns that have no value any way.

    Some people hear the media, as they usually have these programs after a tragic shooting and are so upset the turn in what they have. These people are not avid shooters or hunters. They have a gun that was handed down, or bought it for home protection.

    Then you have around 30-50 guns that were stolen or used in a crime, thats great. In the eyes of the public thats bad guns off the street. The fact is criminals can buy a stolen gun very cheap and very easy. The handful turned in just helps those criminals get rid of the weapon used and it can't be traced back to them. While they have thousands or hundreds of thousands still at their finger tips.

    Look at countries that have no guns for civilians. Who runs that country? The government, law enforcement, the military? No, the criminals do, they have free run to do what they want when they want because they have the guns.