Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics

  1. BeBop1005 profile image61
    BeBop1005posted 4 years ago

    The Olympics and its athletes represent hope and a better tomorrow. The athletes are those that we, in our respective countries, look up to, even if they may be much younger than us hopefuls.

    The Olympic athletes are symbols of our all of our dreams for a better tomorrow, and of our patriotism and love of country.  Everyone tends to become more unified during the Olympics; that said, it's sad to think that there are people out there that would bring terror and fear to such a positive and hopeful international event.

    This is the first time I have ever felt anxious and afraid while watching the Olympics. Not only frightened for my own U.S. Team, which I root for, but I am frightened for all the athletes in Sochi, as well as the audience members in attendance.

    One can only hope against hope that the security has been increased enough in Sochi to prevent this terror from occurring. I wish everyone peace, health and happiness. Go U.S.A! Going home gold!