The Singapore GP 2014

  1. Pranav Pande profile image59
    Pranav Pandeposted 3 years ago

    It was a delight to witness the Singapore F1 GP of this year 2014 at the Marina Bay Street circuit Singapore(on T.V). Our champ Hamilton as usual did not disappoint us even this time and drove himself to victory after a grueling match like a boss. The defending champion Vettel on the other hand came second by a huge margin of about 13 seconds followed by the rising star Daniel Ricciardo arriving third to receive the checkered flag a second later than Vettel.
    Great driving all three of you...though my personal favorite Fernando Alonso arrived just a second late in his impeccably beautiful Ferrari to come fourth followed by Filipe Massa who came fifth. Hard luck for our German friend Nico Rosberg who suffered a gearbox failure and was unable to finish the race...tough for him and Mercedes but a blessing to Hamilton who upgraded himself to the first position in the driver's standing list after this race. I feel its prophesied for him to stand in the middle for the last F1 celebration ceremony nd now he is not gonna leave any stone un-turned to ensure that.
    Overall a great race and an amazing experience for anyone who would have watched it and felt the adrenalin rush. All The Best Lewis and Alonso for the Japanese installment of F1. Just nine more days to go...lets keep our fingers crossed...!!!