Name your current ultimate premiership starting 11

  1. TravelMonkey profile image59
    TravelMonkeyposted 8 years ago

    Goal Keeper - Petr Cech
    Left back - Ashley Cole
    Right back - Sagna
    Centre back - Vidic
    Centre back - Carvalho
    Left mid - Ashley Young
    Right mid - Ronaldo
    Centre mid - Steve Gerrard
    Centre mid - Frank Lampard
    Centre forward - Wayne Rooney
    Centre forward - Torres 

    I would have substitutes of Essien, Ferdinand, Carrick and Abonglahor.

    - ultimate goal keeper in my eyes
    - pacey and can handle the biggest of threats
    - one of the best in the prem at the moment
    - clears everything, man / ball
    - the most technical centre back in prem
    - superb speed and skill- couldn't leave him out
    - would fit in any team
    - impressive player, would have to fit well with Stevie though smile
    - got it all, can finish, hold it and can take a man on
    - immense talent up front.

  2. Kid_A profile image52
    Kid_Aposted 8 years ago

    GK - Reina
    DL - Evra
    CB - Vidic
    CB - Jagielka
    DR - Glenn Johnson
    ML - Chris Brunt
    MR - Ronaldo
    CM - Gerrard
    CM - Essien
    ST - Torres
    ST - Rooney