I'm planning an outdoor skills day. How do i make it FUN??

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    girlyscoutposted 8 years ago

    I'm planning an outdoor skills day.  How do i make it FUN??

    This event will be for my service unit so grades 1-8.  I plan to complete many badge activities.  The topics I'm thinkng of are: packing, Reduce Reuse Recycle, fire safety (i've done the edible fire, anything new?), knife safety, sanitation while cooking, different cooking methods, low impact, dish washing, knots, kaper chart and tents.  I was planning on doing it at a park so we have room and can cook.  How do i make learning these skills fun??

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    eighty123posted 7 years ago

    To make it fun make a fire and all sit round it telling stories, then do a bit of your activities, then sit round the fire again, eating what you've cooked. Believe me everyone will enjoy it.