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Artest For Ariza (or Ariza for Artest)

  1. fishskinfreak2008 profile image60
    fishskinfreak2008posted 8 years ago

    So the Lakers ship Trevor Ariza to the Rockets for Ron Artest. By grabbing Artest off the free agent market, the Lakers are getting someone with good size, great instincts, not to mention a proven rebounder and defender while the Rockets are now stuck with Ariza, a guy who has never averaged double figures in his almost 6-year NBA career. The Lakers definitely scored big with this trade. Ariza was clearly overvalued. How can someone who has never averaged in double figures in 5 years possibly be a starter? He's no better than Luke Walton or Sasha Vujacic and they are not so expensive.

    1. Drew Breezzy profile image71
      Drew Breezzyposted 8 years agoin reply to this

      he had his clutch moments in the finals that  is why he is over rated. He is 24 though Artest 29 so he age and potential to be a starter is why the rockets would take him

  2. Ron Montgomery profile image60
    Ron Montgomeryposted 8 years ago

    This will be hillarious.  The Lakers absolutely shot themselves in the foot with this trade, not even the Zen master can keep this train wreck from happening.  The question is: will Artest be suspended after he punches Kobe during a game?

    1. Drew Breezzy profile image71
      Drew Breezzyposted 8 years agoin reply to this

      I wanna see that! Oh that Artest

    2. dcalderon20 profile image54
      dcalderon20posted 8 years agoin reply to this

      first, it was not a trade, second, that wont happen, artest took a pay cut to be in LA. he wants a ring. he is best friends with odom. artest is going to do great in LA, just like he did in houston. The Lakers will go on to their 2nd NBA title with artest. i am glad we have artest, he is big and physical. that is something we didnt have when we played boston.

      ps: if phil can keep rodman in check, he can darn sure keep artest in check. LA has strong leadership, something which artest never had with the other teams he played for.

      1. Ron Montgomery profile image60
        Ron Montgomeryposted 8 years agoin reply to this

        How many times can you be wrong in one paragraph?  Dennis Rodman is Mr. Sanity compared to Artest.  How many times did Rodman go into the stands to square off with fans?  Artest is nobody's friend.  He WILL get into a fight with Kobe, that's a lock.  You're saying that Reggie Miller was not a respected leader?

  3. sweigand profile image54
    sweigandposted 8 years ago

    If they played as opponents without throwing punches then they definitely won't duke it out on the same team. Lakers made the right choice. Their window to win championships is closing in about 3 years and this makes them better now. The Lakers can sacrifice young players because it is so easy to draw free agents to LA. It will be interesting to see if Ariza turns out to be last year's James Posey, getting a nice payday for a couple of clutch playoffs moments and then just disappearing with the Hornets.

  4. dcalderon20 profile image54
    dcalderon20posted 8 years ago

    i grew up in cali and im a big laker fan. i wak pisses that ariza was let go by the lakers but I do understand that artest is an upgrade for now. i am not sure that it was a good long term choice