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What measures do England need to take to get to the final of the next football w

  1. nettech profile image60
    nettechposted 7 years ago

    What measures do England need to take to get to the final of the next football world cup?

  2. scramble profile image66
    scrambleposted 7 years ago

    A) Hire an English manager who has the passion for his country as well as his job.

    B) Pick form players rather than sticking with the same old players who have just done well in the past.

    C) Stop picking Heskey who is merely OK in the Premiership but can't score goals at international level.

    D) Stop picking players without regard to position. We should be able to pick 2 players for each position and only play players out of position if ;both those are injured. i.e. don't put Gerrard on the left, that's just dumb.

    E) Keep it simple and play to our own strengths rather than try to mix it technically: Use power, speed, set pieces, hard (but not reckless) tackling, don't try to out pass or out dribble the Brazilians, for example.

  3. MickS profile image71
    MickSposted 7 years ago

    Drastically reduce the amount of foreign managers and, especially, foreign players in the Premiership, that will create a bigger pool of English players who are playing top flight football.  An English, England manager will then have the opportunity to drop players who aren't performing and pick someone who is.
    Play players where they play best.
    At the moment, there is no English player that has the footballing brain or skill that Beckham has, what are we going to do, wheel him out in a zimmer frame?  He enjoys the game and will play as long as he can, but everything ends, start training players now with his skills.
    Start playing for the country, if a player can't bring himself to sing the national anthem, what's he doing in the England team, the commitment is total.