what is the best barrel for this paintball marker?

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    janesin31posted 7 years ago

    what is the best barrel for this paintball marker?

  2. nerdcore profile image76
    nerdcoreposted 6 years ago

    There isn't a "best" barrel for any marker, it's whatever you can afford, and whatever is available in the threads that your marker accepts.

    Most common threads right now:
    - Autococker (after the WGP Autococker, which isn't actually one of the oldest markers, but it is considered the first serious tournament marker)
    - Tippmann (A5 threads & 98 Custom threads).
    - Spyder (spyders use them, of course, but so do all spyder clones).
    - Gog/Smart Parts (also referred to as Ion/Impulse/NXT, after the markers most associated with those threads).

    Most common barrels right now:
    - CP (Custom Products)
    - J&J (specifically, their J&J Ceramic)
    - Freak (a barrel kit that uses inserts; made by Gog, formerly Smart Parts)
    - Dye Ultralite (really only because they come stock on Dye markers)
    - Deadlywind Fibur (carbon fiber barrel that uses Freak inserts)