list all indian medalists in weightlifting.

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    list all indian medalists in weightlifting.

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    In 48 kg women's weightlifting India's Soniya Chanu got the silver medal in the event that took place at Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium. Soniya Chanu lifted 73 kg in snatch. She was not able to lift any more weights than 73 kg. In her second and third attempts, she tried to lift 76kg but failed. In clean and jerk event Soniya Chanu was able to lift 94kg and was not bale to lift more weights in more attempts. She lifted a total of 167kg.

    Sandhya Rani Devi won bronze medal in the same event.

    Indian weightlifter Soniya Chanu was most expected to win gold medal. But her dreams were shattered by a young Nigerian weightlifter Augustina Nwaokolo. This was a surprise overtaking by this Nigerian girl Augustina Nwaokolo who is just aged 17. She is the main talk of games village and this Nigerian weightlifter is getting lot of appreciation from allover the world.

    Soniya Chanuwon silver medal at Commonwealth games 2010
    In Men's weight lifting competition , Sukhen Dey won the silver medal in the 56 kg weightlifting.

    Srinivasa Rao another Indian weightlifter won the Bronze medal in the 56 kg weightlifting event.

    Malaysia's weightlifter Amirul Ibrahim won the gold medal.

    Soniya Chanu who lost her Gold medal dreams , was unsatisfied about her performanceand the coach Harnam Singhwas told that Chanu cried a lot due to loss of much anticipated gold medal.

    Coach Harnam Singhwas also much disappointed that Indian Women weightlifters could not win any gold medals.

    Indian Weight lifter Ravi Kumar won the 11 th Gold medal for India by lifting a total of 321 kg in the 69 kg event.