Jayco travel trailer 2005 ceiling repair

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    Dawnmarie13posted 7 years ago

    Jayco travel trailer 2005 ceiling repair

    I am a new owner of a Jayco traveler trailer 2005.  It appears that there is some water damage on the ceiling and I would like to replace it.  How do you go about this?  I looks like its one piece. ty Dawnmarie

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    Randy Godwinposted 7 years ago

    Since I am unfamiliar with the roof materials of your particular trailer, I am unable to offer you more than standard advice.  Many new camper trailers use Styrofoam sandwiched between aluminum sheets for both sides and roof.

    I would suggest the leaks are coming from around the rooftop AC unit or along the seams at the outer edges of the roof.  A good quality sealant will normally be all that is required to quell the leaks.

    Further information may aid me in giving more helpful advice toward your repairs.

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    danthehandymanposted 7 years ago

    Randy Godwin is right-on -- need to know the particulars. If its not a aluminum/styrofoam/aluminum sandwich, it may be use plywood 'bread'. The 3 most common leak points are as Randy said, the air conditioning or other fixture openings, the edges, plus the seams beween panels. Small leaks caught early can be sealed with elastometric sealing tapes and paints. DO NOT USE CAULK. It will not hold up. Here are two sites that explain more in detail than I can in a Hub answer.
    http://www.bestmaterials.com/PDF_Files/ … cement.pdf
    I'm working on a similar RV. Let me know how it goes for you.