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    ogunlekeposted 8 years ago

    We make a most welcome of returns to the Honda-owned Suzuka track for
    the Japanese Grand Prix after two years of the race being held at the
    Toyota-owned Fuji circuit.

    It is a most welcome of returns because Suzuka is such a fabulous

    It is 3.6 miles long and was first used in 1987. It is designed in a
    unique figure of eight configuration,  where the cars literally cross
    over where the other cars are going.

    It also contains the fabulous 130R corner, which is tremendously
    spectacular and is where Fernando Alonso took everybody's breath away in
    his Renault by passing Michael Schumacher's Ferrari back in 2005. That
    was something we simply did not think was possible.

    There have been some great, great races at Suzuka in the past, notably
    in 1989 when McLaren's bitter rivals at the time, Alain Prost and Ayrton
    Senna, collided with each other and the world championship was decided
    eventually in Prost's favour.

    Incredibly the next year the very same two collided again at the first
    corner, but this time it was Senna who took the drivers' title.

    Frankly I've just given up trying to forecast who is going to win any
    individual race this season.

    Is it going to be Lewis Hamilton? Is it going to be Jenson Button? Is it
    going to be Rubens Barrichello? Or is it going to be Mark Webber or
    Sebastian Vettel?

    I simply don't know, we will just have to wait and see. It's going to be
    very exciting.