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Is WWE fake or real?

  1. arunabha0368 profile image65
    arunabha0368posted 5 years ago

    Is WWE fake or real?

    I am a big fan of WWE. But one question has always been in my mind. Is it real?


  2. mosaicman profile image78
    mosaicmanposted 5 years ago

    The story lines are fake, like a soap opera, but the moves and action are real. If you ask most wrestlers, you will be surprised at the potentially life threatening injuries that they suffer. Rey Mesterio is on the shelf again for another injury. He has had 5 surgeries on one Knee. Triple H has had a couple of career ending injuries. However, his work ethic, determination and heart helped him bounce back when the average competitor wouldn't. Stone Cold and Chris Benoit both broke their necks. Brett Hart suffered multiple concussions that helpd cause him to retire.

    Rememeber their name answers your question, World Wrestling Entertainment. It's athletes entertaining you.

  3. duffsmom profile image59
    duffsmomposted 5 years ago

    Study up on it, they will freely tell you it is highly choreographed and planned out.  The storylines as mosaicman says are like a soap.  They do have to be incredible athletes and stunt men to pull it off.

  4. Sean Janda profile image62
    Sean Jandaposted 5 years ago

    Fake, as in planned out? Yes. But they still do get injured. Jim Cornette had a brilliant quote. Ill paraphrase but it was omething like, Back in the day the wrestlers were pretending to get hurt and people believed it. Now wrestlers are actually getting hurt and fans don't believe it.

  5. livhappy profile image60
    livhappyposted 5 years ago

    WWE is fully scripted the wrestlers talk to each other during the matches and go through the moves as they happen. Injuries do happen and a lot of the wrestlers get beat up pretty good and still have to be on the road day after day. Guys like John Cena who is the face of WWE  preforms day in and day out and puts his heart into everything he does even though people love to hate him. Wrestling could be  like a mediocre movie with bad acting and storyline or it can be a good storyline with the right wrestlers but the thing that makes WWE so entertaining is that no matter if your loved or hated the men go out week in and week out preforming their hearts out. but at the same time it is a very dangerous sport and any move preformed wrong can have a very bad effect (look at Edge, Christopher Nowinski, or Chris Benoit.