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    Today's golf equipment bears little resemblance to the clubs our fathers used, so what will your grandkids

    be playing years from now? Here's a sneak peek at what manufacturers are planning in their dogged

    pursuit of golf's holy trinity: greater distance, consistency and control. DRIVERS Today: 460 cc titanium

    head with a 45-inch graphite shaft. Aerodynamic designs, movable weightingand adjustable clubface

    mechanisms are trendy. The Future: The entire driver face is at the legal trampolineeffect limit. Clubhead

    shapes will change ??" hourglass (pictured above), C-shaped, or cavities in the body will redistribute

    weight for stability. Drivers will vary by look, center of gravity (CG) location, and shaft length to create a

    personalized performance package. FAIRWAY WOODS Today: Most have small steel or multi-material

    heads. The Future: Clubface design will advance so that center strikes will fly like shots hit by a driver.

    HYBRIDS Today: Iron-like hybrids (narrower from face to rear) launch shots lower and with less spin than

    wood-like hybrids. The Future: A removable rear wall will open the door to full customization, and this will

    allow the golfer to dial in precise weight and placement (high, low, heel, toe, etc). IRONS Today: Three

    classes of cavity-back (better player, game-improvement, max game-improvement) offerdifferent levels of

    forgiveness, workability and feel. Varying face thicknesses tighten spin-rate and ball-speed differences

    from shot to shot. The Future: Clubfaces will be made from durable, lightweight, non-metallic materials

    (e.g., composites), or laminates. Removing mass from the face will contribute to greater forgiveness. Irons

    will be based on loft rather than number, similar to woods. Tailored shaft lengths ??" rather than standard

    0.5" increments ??" will suit each club's role. WEDGES Today: Head shapes similar to those from 60-plus

    years ago. Multiple lofts and bounce angles matchthe club to your swing and course conditions. The

    Future: Unconventional-looking sole designs based on increased understanding of how clubs perform in

    different grasses or lies will be introduced.


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