Hi Adam, is bowling difficult and how do I learn it?

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    Cardisaposted 5 years ago

    Hi Adam, is bowling difficult and how do I learn it?

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    Adam Negrichposted 5 years ago


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    Hello Cardisa,

    Bowling is a very fun to play sport. There are two aspects of it, open bowling which is for fun, a & league bowling where score matters. If you bowl for fun, it isn't nearly as hard as bowling on a league. You can learn how to bowl by going bowling in a league that is age and experience appropriate for you. There are always experienced players, (as well as workers at the alley) that will be more than happy to help you if they see you're having trouble, especially if you ask them.

    Whether you're right handed or left handed makes a difference. If right handed, release the ball with your left foot forward, if left handed just the opposite. This is because when you do so, your body will be more balanced than if you tried the opposite foot and arm combination, you could possibly fall and get hurt, or hit the ball against your leg or foot.

    The approach: is the area between the ball return machine and the beginning of the lane. This is where you will take your steps and release the ball. Be sure to have good sized shoes that fit you well, & aren't too loose or snug. Also check the bottoms of the shoes to be sure they are clean, don't walk anywhere except the approach area with them, because if you step in things like spilled drinks or water, your shoes will grip instead of slide.

    Your choice of bowling ball is important as well. Whether you have a bag for your own shoes, ball, towel (for removing oil from the ball) and other accessories, or if you rent shoes & use a house ball from the alley, there are yet again, many more options and possibilities. If you choose a ball that's too light, it will "bounce" off the pins in a sense, and if you choose too heavy of a bowling ball, you won't be able to control it either.

    When releasing the ball, get your timing right. Meaning, synchronize your steps of the approach with the release of the ball, too early or late will leave you unbalanced, you could fall or dump the ball down the gutter, leaving yourself with an open frame.

    Be sure to keep your arm and hands straight when releasing the ball towards the pins. The idea is to get the ball "in the pocket", meaning, between pins one & two if you're right handed, or one and three if left handed. Do this as even and coordinated as possible, & you will be almost sure to throw a strike! The best way to learn, is to simply head to the bowling alley!