Access to the World Cup

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    samehsefposted 7 years ago

    World Cup has its many surprises and events, the most prominent hot out of the major teams such as France and the U.S. and Italy.
    Emerged as small teams stepped up for the following roles such as Ghana and Slowickia.
    Football has changed now and become a forum for the whole world and not limited to certain teams, though the legendary teams such as Argentina, Brazil and Spain have a special flavor and joy and beautiful.
    Our part, we as viewers want to see the whole world to play beautiful football we are winners indeed.
    I expect to hit the major teams to the final rounds and barring any surprises and will reach Brazil, Germany and Argentina to the final rounds and maybe one of them will get the World Cup because they are the most entitled to them alone.
    My point is that Argentina will get the championship because they now have the team led by a beautiful and wonderful monster with Messi Legend terrible.
    In the end I wish I knew your expectations for those who will get the first championship in the world