Will Andy Reid be the next to say good bye to Philly?

  1. ShamrockSports profile image62
    ShamrockSportsposted 7 years ago

    In a city that anything but winning it all is no longer good enough has Andy Reid run his course in Philadelphia as head coach?  He has an impressive record. He has continually made grat draft picks and turned young players into game changing players.  However, once you get rid of your franchise QB, the head coach seems like the next person to point the finger at if a team can't get it done, doesn't it?  Yes the Eagles are young, but during Reid's tenure we have seen rebuilding years, been favorites to win it all before the season kicked-off, and faced near elimination and backed into the playoffs. How many chances does he have left in Philly? Just want to hear everyones take.  I heard a lot of grumblings about it leaving the game today and it made me think.  I especially look forward to answers from non Eagle supporters.  Our rage and dissapointment are too high right now to think clearly.