UFC 120

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    kdogs1posted 7 years ago

    What did you think of the respect both fighters gave eachother during there fight?And what a fightit was,one of the all time best fights to watch.When pat barry sat cro cop down the first time,he looked as shocked as we were.Those were some bombs that cro cop took.These guys were dishing out some big time standup.Then they stopped and hugged eachother,in the next breath they were baging again.Wow that is something most of us will never understand.The bond these two warriors were making,was happening right in front of our eyes!The whole fight start to finish was incredible.We should all take a minute to thank these two heavyweight super stars for there efforts that evening.Who would have thought that cro cop would would comeback and pull out the victory!It was a big surprise that cro cop made it out of the first round.As for pat barry he will be a big force in the heavyweight division,with some more octagon experience.If u enjoyed that fight please tell the mma world how you feel.As long as the ufc can produce these kind of fights,we are all in for some amazing events in the future.The big question to the ufc,could there be a barry cro cop two in the works?Cro cop has two more fights left on his contract with the ufc.Having his last fight with the ufc against pat barry would be incredable,I think we would all pay to see them fight again!