Chinese Golf Player

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    cherrygolfposted 7 years ago

    Liang Wenchong, had express the chinese image to the world successfully. He had played a new record at Whistling Straits with his 8-under 64 in the third round of the 2010 PGA Championship.
    In December 6th, Liang was interviewed by the CNN in Zhongshan Spa Club and was broadcasted in “LIVING GOLF” CNN TV Program. In the interview, Liang introduced himself from a rural children grow up as a professional golf player, and he talks about his youth fund and the development of china golf.
    He uses HONMA Beres Tour World 912 (9°), HONMA Beres Proto-Type (3、5), HONMA Beres Tour World 903 (3-10), HONMA Beres Tour World W102 (52.5°、57.5°), Titlist Scoty Cameron, Honma Beres BP-1010 putter, Honma Beres MG 702 irons 4-11, Honma Beres MG 803 irons.