A good scope for the money

  1. ujoutdoors profile image50
    ujoutdoorsposted 7 years ago

    Today is the 10th anniversary of Maxing the infamous Black Death Challenge target. No one could do it for 12 years, at 50 yards or even 25 yards. I did it at 25 yards on the 2nd try, and many times thereafter. The rifle a CZ-452 Lux, ammo Eley, and the scope was a common everyday Bushnell Banner 6x18 AO. $125. After firing thousands of rounds the same untouched rig won the 2009 World Championship at Ft Polk Louisiana. Pretty good scope for the money.

    In the hunting world I see three scopes that work every time, hold zero and are clear all the time. The Bushnell in mid to high grade while Burris and Leupold are tied in the higher grade bracket. They are the best scopes you can buy for what you spend.

    Anything higher and you are paying for excess quality that will not make you a better shooter. Anything less and you may find yourself with a fogged up lens right when you need it.