Female Bras vs Female Brawls (lets have a clean debate)

  1. Shaisty-Chase-Tea profile image60
    Shaisty-Chase-Teaposted 6 years ago

    I liked that latina in girl fight... it's my vavvorite Michelle Rodriguez movie cause she beat up lots of men...

    Wwe Divas... my fav or my fav... the bella twins, the current antagonists

    that mma girl that got one of two spots in that recents PS3 fighting game ... what's her name? seriously, i hate research... but i've seen her fights on you tube and she is vicious and looks hot as a dark angel, my brutal songstar...


    victoria sercret 'magazines' that you found in mom's mail when you were a fourteen year old boy (mail fraud)... causee the adressee never gets em...

    Wwe Divas... my fav of my fav... the bella twins, have you seen their in ring attire?

    music videos about leather and lace... look up Miguel 'Quikie' on youtube... pssh yeah... i wrote a poem that matches the lyrics to a tea... "I just do it bet-ter, your lace and your leather"