Mayweather. Sucker Punch or True Victory

  1. wellspoken profile image60
    wellspokenposted 6 years ago

    Who saw the fight 9-17-11 on PPV Mayweather vs Ortiz? Was this a true victory for Mayweather? Do you feel it was more of a theatrical performance than a true boxing match? I recorded it and watched it over and over again and I just dont feel it was a real victory for Mayweather. The main reason being once he indeed knocked Ortiz down Ortiz received no 10 count and he was more than capable of continuing the fight. Sorry to say I wish I could request a refund based soley on the fact that it was a told disappointment. What do you think? Some of the guys I've been talking to say that it was fair and you must keep your guards up at all times. The referee was not looking when the knockout took place he just looked up when Ortiz feel to the ground. Ortiz kissed Mayweather and I think that made him made. I guess Ortiz thought he was in the rink with LIL WAYNE instead of Money Mayweather. What do you think?